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Hip-Hop News: Holy Hip Hop Artist "Tragedy" Releases "Princess Cut"
Gospel female rapper "Tragedy" is dropping her album July 18th.
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Written By: Joanne Scaife, Taba Music Media
7/18/2006 7:04:05 AM

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Tragedy is her name, the new female holy hip hop artist about to make an impact, but don’t let the name fool you because message is for sure to change you. One definition of the word tragedy in the American Heritage Dictionary says, "A narrative that seriously treats of calamitous events and has an unhappy but meaningful ending."

Tragedy poses the flip-side picture to this definition with her new release, "Princess Cut," distributed worldwide by EMI Gospel on Tuesday, July 18, 2006. When listening one will soon discover that this artist has had and seen some hard experiences, but realized that with every struggle there can be a meaningful and happy end.

Tragedy brings a timeless message through her music proclaiming, "time has proven that great things come from a struggle or actual tragedy if we look at it from God’s perspective". Tragedy set the standards of women in the holy hip hop music genre. The rhyme is unique; in ya face, clear and in every way tight. In a male dominated genre it’s refreshing to hear finally a female to stand bold and take the stage with force with perfect rhythm and deliver a message of the beauty of a woman at the same time. Tragedy delivers a first-class project that features a slew of talented artists, such as Shei Atkins, Alkendria, Big Nate, Son Zu, SOI, and the smooth Al Green like vocals of Smitty on the track "Fatal Attraction."

The production alone says that this is a hard working sister with a message to be told. The production by Houston’s Sean "Blaze" Henderson, and SGR Rhyme Family folds around her rapping with experience and delivers a stellar sound. The project opens up with a bold statement and true testament of who Tragedy is trusting, "The Man Upstairs." This track featuring Alkendria, delivers a bold biblical-based message, as do the whole project unashamedly stating biblical references to rock any Sunday school meeting or concert hall and for sure to be a hit.

"The Struggle" deals with the real issues of life struggles, especially addressing the issues such as single motherhood, incarceration, and poverty, but through the struggle God is the answer to your pain. The track "Dear John" just speaks for itself, need no explanation, just listen.

Every cut on this CD is for sure to give a dramatic picture of what’s going in our world, but learning how to view it from God’s perspective. It’s important for an artist to tell a story or take you on journey with their project and Tragedy hit on spot. Song after song I’m waiting for what story she’s going tell me and the biblical perspective that follows. One thing for sure is that God has delivered this artist from much and she’s has a story to tell and it’s a tragedy if we do not listen and pass it on. This artist truly stands for God and what is right. A definite must-have cd for any music collection.

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