Chocolate Swim
Adult Swim Offers Free Hip Hop Mini-Album Download
Indie music label Chocolate Industries has created an exclusive mini-album titled "Chocolate Swim."
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
6/29/2006 7:13:34 AM

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Adult Swim heats up the summer with hip-hop/indie music label Chocolate Industries to create "Chocolate Swim," a free six-song collection of blazing hip-hop mp3s available for download at, presented by Mountain Dew.

Launching on June 26, and lasting for one month, viewers of the network can go to to download this exclusive collection of songs from today's top hip-hop artists, including Mos Def and Diverse. This marks the first collaboration between Adult Swim and Chocolate Industries, and the first ad sales initiative between Adult Swim and Mountain Dew.

"Adult Swim and Mountain Dew both exhibit strong brand awareness with young adults, which is the type of potential partnership we look for when developing customized ad sales sponsorships," said John O'Hara, senior vice president, Cartoon Network Ad Sales and Marketing. "This is an exciting opportunity for both brands to come together with Chocolate Industries and reach consumers nationwide through one of the most popular ways this audience consumes media."

"I think this is a great idea on the part of Adult Swim," said Marvin Bedard, Creative Director, Chocolate Industries. "It's a great opportunity for each of the involved brands to open up and promote to new audiences."

Using its trademark bumper style, Adult Swim will produce a high-impact promotional spot driving viewers to to download songs from "Chocolate Swim," presented by Mountain Dew. The on-air promotional spots will start airing a week prior to the site launch. The "Chocolate Swim" micro site will feature branding for Mountain Dew's Code Red, along with links to the company's home page. All six songs on the site, including the Kut Masta Kurt remix of Mos Def and Diverse's "Wylin Out," will be originals or new remixes, available only at for a limited time.

In addition to the extensive new media opportunities like "Chocolate Swim" and Adult Swim Fix at, the network continues to add new on-air advertisers throughout the year. Since January 2005, 90 new clients have chosen Adult Swim as their network destination for reaching adults 18-24 and 18-34. The ad sales team will continue developing innovative client messaging opportunities for new and existing partners in 2006-07.

Chocolate Industries is a forward-thinking record label with an eclectic roster of artists. Based in Chicago, Chocolate Industries is home to successful acts Lady Sovereign, Diverse, Via Tania, Money Mark, and Ghislain Poirier, and is distributed worldwide. The label is built upon the idea that music and art not only coexist but can have an involved relationship that extends beyond album cover art. Nationally recognized graffiti and graphic artist, Cody Hudson, is the Visual Art Director of Chocolate Industries.

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