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Nigerian Hip-Hop Makes Its World Debut On New CD
Using the power and influence of hip hop, Nigerian music makers want to tap the hip hop demographic.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
6/26/2006 9:05:41 AM

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What happens when a group of Hip-Hop and R&B artists of Nigerian descent get together to showcase their talent? Well, the result is The Green October Project Volume I, a compilation album jam-packed with solid Hip-Hop beats, catchy R&B and Reggae dance hooks topped with traditional Afro rhythms giving each song a unique edge.

“Along with having a very strong production, this album has good beats and party sounds that immediately caught my attention” said Zeke Zanders former record promoter for Atlantic Records and RCA Records. “Sometimes in music, there are these ‘magical beats’ that make people move and just feel. This album does that. Even though I don’t understand some of the non-English lyrics, it still takes me there.”

The Green October Project Volume I is the brainchild of Harrison “Harry Baba “ Nwozo Jr., CEO of the Maryland-based promotions company, Tribe X Entertainment, LLC. The album showcases several Nigerian artists living in Maryland and Washington DC. Hip-Hop artists featured are female rapper, Madarocka and male rappers SKI, Stevano U.G.O, Lil’ Ayo, Shoboy and Amplifyd Crew.

Reggae artists featured are Pa J and Damask. R&B artists featured are male singer, Banky Wellington; songstresses, Tolumide, China Okasi and Abiodun Koya; and producer, Olutona “Big Lu” Ogunfiditimi of IGIT Records.

With mostly English lyrics, the album offers invitations for party goers to “move and groove,” professions of romantic love, gospel praise and expressions of life as a Nigerian.

Spreading across the African continent, Europe and American cities, African Hip-Hop proves the global influence of Hip-Hop music. From Japanese rap to Cuban rap, Hip-Hop is finding its way into the hearts and musical styles of young people around the world.

“I would say Hip-Hop’s influence has become very powerful not just because of the music but also the social attitude and lifestyle it represents,” stated Zanders. “Hip-Hop is the tool for young people to vocalize that they are the ‘now’ generation who cannot be ignored and will prove just what they can do.”

Proving what they can do is exactly what Tribe X Entertainment and the artists on The Green October Project have in mind. Their goal is to contribute to African Hip-Hop and bring the genre into the air waves, home stereos, I Pods and consciousness of American audiences.

“We want the world to know that we (Nigerians/Africans) have Hip-Hop too,” stated Harrison Nwozo, the album’s executive producer. “We have good music that is a mix of everything from Hip-Hop, Afro funk, Reggae, R&B, Gospel, traditional Afro beat and Highlife.”

The album’s title signifies unity, originality and positivity. Green is one of Nigeria’s national colors symbolizing prosperity and progress. October is the month celebrating Nigeria’s independence from colonial rule, symbolizing a break away from restrictions and conformity. The Green October Project, in itself, shows that African unity is not a dream but a reality as artists from different ethnicities, backgrounds and musical genres work together to reach a common goal -- sharing the unique sounds of Nigerian Hip-Hop with the entire world.

The Green October Project Volume I is available for sale at For more information, artist bios and music samples, visit

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