Urban Film "Money, Power, Respect" Details A Hustler's Life
Drama based urban film has a twisted combination of drugs, robbery and murder.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
6/16/2006 10:28:23 AM

A hard-hitting urban drama set in the gritty streets of Philadelphia; Money, Power, Respect is the story of Levi, a young hustler on the rise. Conflicted by the competing influences of his mother, girlfriend and criminal mentors Juan and Drew, Levi must choose between right and wrong as he decides which path he will take to achieve his goals. As the drama builds, Levi is led down a twisted road of drugs, robbery and murder.

Jamal Hill, a film buff from West Oak Lane, Philadelphia studied film at the Community College of Philadelphia. He then wrote the manuscript "10 Grand in Hard Cash" which became Money, Power, Respect. Jamal shot the drama about a young hustler in just short two weeks. Unsure of how to promote the film, Jamal sought advice and was urged to send his creation to the Philly Underground Music & Philm Festival. Jamal left the Festival with the Best Picture Award for Money, Power, Respect.

Elated with the accomplishment, Jamal set off for Los Angeles in search of a distributor. After 2 months, the phone rang, it was Chris Schwartz and Rich Murray of RuffHouse, a division of TriMedia Entertainment Group in Philly. He was offered a deal on the spot.

The rest is only the beginning for Jamal Hill. 

Available on DVD July 4th.

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