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Hip-Hop News: Rapper Beanie Sigel Shot In Botched Robbery
The shooting happened shortly after 8AM in Philadelphia this morning.
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Posted by Dave
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5/25/2006 9:07:40 AM

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During an attempted robbery early Thursday morning, Beanie Sigel was shot not long after 8 am in Philadelphia.

According to The Associated Press, police said they were currently unsure whether or not Sigel was shot multiple times. The bullets allegedly entered his upper right arm.

He is currently in stable condition at the hospital. Those close to him say that he is resting in good condition.

Police also told the AP that they believed the shooting was the result of an attempted holdup. Reportedly there were 5 males located in 2 separate vehicles.

Last year Beanie Sigel was released from the federal prison he was staying at while serving a 1 year sentence for a gun charge. In September of the same year, he was also acquitted of attempted murder.

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