Hip Hop Artist Ganxsta Nip Files Suit Against RIP Records
Stemming from an alleged breach of contract, Nip is now suing the Rest In Peace Records.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
5/16/2006 7:50:19 AM

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The Insite has learned legendary Houston rapper Ganxsta Nip is in federal Judge David Hittner's courtroom this week seeking some Texas justice. In a federal lawsuit Rowdy Williams AKA Ganxsta Nip has filed suit against Rest In Peace Records, Market Records Inc, and Select O Hits Music. Nip claims he wasn't paid the royalties he was due after recording an album for Rest In Peace Records in 2003. Now Nip wants to get paid for breach of contract and fraud allegedly committed by Rest In Peace Records. Here's the breakdown: Nip wants $2.5 million for damages, $2.5 million for loss of profits, $1.5 million for damages resulting from the plaintiff's reliance, and $55,000 for reasonable attorney's fees...The actual lawsuit still to come on the Insite...

WHO IS GANXSTA NIP: Ganksta Nip's 1st cd "South Park Psycho" put the S.P.C. name on the map in 1991 when it was released worldwide on Rap-A-Lot Records. Nip is also known for writing the Geto Boys hit "Chuckie". His solo cd's are:(South Park Psycho, Psychic Thoughts, Psychotic Genius, Interview With A Killer, Psycho Thug, The Originator, and Return Of The Psychopath).

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