AaronBeats To Help Emerging Hip Hop Rap Artists
His goal is to help 10 or more artists sell 100,000 CDs independently or land a major record deal.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
5/12/2006 5:58:23 AM
Chicago based "virtual producer" AaronBeats plans to turn 10 or more artists into independent superstars over the next 1-3 years, by either helping them to sell 100,000 CD's independently, or helping them secure a major distribution or record deal. He plans on doing this all through his website, www.aaronbeats.com

AaronBeats.com is a place for new artists and industry people to connect. The main service of the website is Hip-Hop and R&B Music Production. There are also beats for Gospel and Jazz.

The website allows independent artists who don't have major budgets to get hot, quality beats to use for their demos, promo albums, mixtapes, etc., without paying major prices. The site gives these users the sound that will enable them to draw a crowd, and get radio play and requests.

http://www.aaronbeats.com also provides artists with free tips, information, and resources for getting their music heard. It even allows users who purchase 2 or more beats to have their own webpage on the site. This gives them tons of exposure, and also gets them in front of major acts.

Major music industry professionals visit AaronBeats.com, so you never know who will get discovered. "I want to give people another way to get into the music business. It's harder today because of politics, and to be successful, you have to make your own way! AaronBeats.com helps artists make that way for themselves," says the young producer.

"Beats are a very important part of today's hip hop and r&b music. That is why major artists pay platinum producers hundreds of thousands of dollars for beats. The problem is, most new artists can't afford even $2000 just for one beat. And if you're a new artist, it makes no sense to spend $8000 for your very first demo."

AaronBeats.com also offers services to well established artists and major record labels, but at the same time serves as a medium for helping create tomorrow's new superstars.

For additional information about this tremendous goal, or to hear beats and receive free tips visit http://www.aaronbeats.com

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