Hip-Hop News: Da Muzicianz Ready Their Debut Hip Hop Album
D-Roc from the Ying Yang Twins and younger brothers make up Da Muzicianz who are dropping their self titled debut album.
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Posted by Dave
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5/10/2006 2:34:26 PM

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D-Roc, of the Ying Yang Twins (YYT), and his younger brothers, Mr. Ball and Da Birthday Boy are Da Muzicianz. Having pursued their obsessive love for music ­ southern hip-hop particularly ­ with songs like 'The Walk,' which appears on the YYT's platinum-selling (U.S.A.) United State of Atlanta and 'Get Yern,' the hard-hitting crunkadelic groove featured on Still United, the Twins' U.S.A. bridge CD/DVD release, these East Atlantans are prepared to release their self-titled debut album on May 23, 2006. The objective of the PUNNN!!! Entertainment/Collipark/TVT Records release is to keep people dancing and having fun while simultaneously morphing the hip-hop game into its next phase.

Quite naturally, Da Muzicianz have a unique proposition. 'You gonna have fun when you messin' wit us,' laughs Mr. Ball. 'We the people who liven up the party, you know. We ain't gonna tear da club up. Instead,' he continues, 'We gon' have fun in da club. We gonna go crazy in da club.' Lead by the Mr. Collipark produced single 'Camera Phone', Da Muzicianz take it back to the early 90's when girls were sweating in the club instead of snappin' their fingers. The companion video for 'Camera Phone' is in rotation at MTV Jams and a recent 'New Joint' on BET's 106 & Park. The group has performed on Showtime at the Apollo (aired 4/29 and re-airs 10/2), BET's Spring Bling (aired 4/15) and Direct TV's CD USA (aired 4/22). They will also grace the June 2006 cover of Ozone Magazine.

This album is reminiscent of 2 Live Crew music. Songs like 'On Me', 'Girls I Know' featuring D4L's Fa-bo, 'Gyrate', and 'Stripleader' make a perfect soundtrack for a bachelor party. 'Til Yo Back Get So' is dance-centric and offers a central groove for leaning and rocking around syncopated techno keys. 'Go Dumb Remix' is a tribute to the Bay Area's hyphy movement. This is one of the songs that show that Da Muzicianz are very much in tune with their hip-hop environment outside of Atlanta. The track, produced by Cheesy, contains a galactic flute over a hard-hitting 808 drop.

About TVT Records: Headquartered in New York City, TVT Records is Soundscan's #1 independent record company of 2004 and the #1 independent label for urban music.

DA MUZICIANZ is one of the many upcoming releases from TVT Records. Upcoming releases for 2006 are: CRUNK ROCK, the new album from the King of Crunk Lil Jon, EL MARIEL the sophomore album from gold-selling emcee Pitbull and Back 2 Da Basics deep-fried Memphis rapper Yo Gotti.

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