StreamerNet Releases Mobile Video Producer V3
Internet audio and video streaming server designed for mobile content.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
4/27/2006 8:56:55 AM
StreamerNet Corporation today announced it has begun shipping Version 3.0 of its Mobile Video Producer(SM) audio/video streaming application. The newest version of the company's flagship software solution takes ease-of-use to unmatched levels for seven key streaming functions.

Currently, these primary functions of the StreamerNet Mobile Video Producer solution include:

* LIVE STREAMING -- Webcast "live" action events or capture video segments
that can be edited and delivered at a later time
* VIDEO EMAIL -- Send Video email without large attachment files
(video/audio messages are retrieved via Web URL so recipient inbox is
not overloaded)
* WATCH MY CAMERA -- Real-time camera view of remote point-of-action
environments can be seen on a remote computer, Smartphone or other
handheld devices (surveillance, nanny-cam, remote eyes)
* ON-DEMAND MEDIA ROOM -- Host your own library of videos in a private
media library (storage and distribution is made easy and secure with
password access options)
* MY TV/RADIO SHOW -- Broadcast live or recorded Internet IPTV or Radio
Shows (become your own radio/TV station)
* SLING MY TV -- Transmit home TV to personal desktop/mobile computer
* MEDIA CONVERSION -- Convert old CD/VHS/Beta SP libraries to web-viewable
video archives streaming or on-demand distribution.

The StreamerNet Mobile Video Producer Version 3.0 has been significantly enhanced with a new graphical user interface (GUI) that helps users "launch" their chosen streaming function by simply dragging their cursor over the function icons and clicking options to activate each function. Once the function has been activated, lists of easy-to-follow steps are presented that take all the guess-work out of the process for each streaming function. From set-up to live streaming, the processes for all seven functions take no more than a few key-strokes and mouse clicks.

While the StreamerNet Mobile Video Producer is uniquely tailored for use with wireless network connections and in situations where mobility is crucial, the solutions are just as powerful in fixed network applications. Whether the application is in the enterprise/corporate environment, academic institutions or for personal/consumer use, StreamerNet has concentrated on making the solution simple, yet comprehensive, for a wide range of professional or casual implementations.

StreamerNet solutions are unique in the marketplace because they concentrate on direct point-to-point streaming at a moment's notice -- a concept called "plug-and-play, click-and-stream(TM)." This type of offering is dramatically different from most currently available streaming offerings which require significant set-up time and also require considerable resources and expense to facilitate.

"We are introducing a new wave of powerful streaming technologies that are throwing wide the door to consumer implementation," stated Todd Atchison, StreamerNet founder and Chief Scientist. "With the installation of our Mobile Video Producer on a laptop or mobile computer with a cellular wireless card and a personal DV camera, anyone can stream a live event, or deliver a product demonstration, from wherever they are located."

"The future of multimedia communication," added Atchison, "is moving quickly toward models where individuals will primarily be streaming content to micro-communities of content specific, highly interested viewers. These are the areas in which StreamerNet has concentrated its research, intellectual property and technology developments."

"Version 3.0 truly sets StreamerNet apart in the market, particularly the option for the inexperienced business user to create easy product video ads," stated David D. Hornbeck, owner of BoskoWood Unfinished Furniture in Nags Head, NC. "We were looking for a comprehensive streaming solution that would not only let us showcase our offerings better on eBay but also

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