Hip-Hop News: Fans Interact With Celebs Via Mobile Service
Leading mobile provider for real-time interaction with celebs gives fans a first time opportunity to chat directly with their artists.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
4/26/2006 7:01:38 AM

Mobo Celebs, the leading mobile content provider for real-time fan interaction, announces today signing sensational teen group, B5. This hot new service allows fans to get immediate photo updates from their favorite stars, sent directly to a cell-phone! These photos are taken by the stars, for the fans. It’s the world’s first mobile reality show, directed by B5 and other celebrities that have joined the network.

B5 manager, Jim McMahan of JAMM Entertainment Group, expressed his enthusiasm for the opportunity to work with Mobo.

"This was done in direct response to the high demand of fans wanting up to date information about B5 and their activities,” Jim said.

Mobo Celebs is the pioneer of celebrity to fan direct connection via mobile media. The company is the vanguard in delivering unlimited promotional opportunities to celebrities in “real-time.”

“Our technology provides celebrities with a revolutionary approach to fan interaction,” commented Curtis Foster, President, Mobo Multimedia, Inc.

Participating celebrities are issued a hi-tech cell-phone to take photos of their everyday lives; hanging with friends, back stage at live performances, traveling on vacation, shopping, on the set of their latest movie/television show/video shoot or whatever else they come up with...all from their personal perspective rather than the paparazzi. The celebrity then uploads the best photos, along with a brief text message describing the shot, to MoboCelebs.com……which then immediately broadcasts those updates to the cell phones of subscribing fans worldwide. Fans can purchase subscriptions for as low as $2.95 and as long as they have an active subscription they are also eligible to receive a surprise phone call from their favorite celebrity.

About B5: B5 is Five Breeding brothers, Dustin, Kelly, Patrick, Carnell and Bryan. They have combined the old school flair of the Jackson 5, the modern day pop of N-Sync and the Backstreet Boys, with the R&B flavor of New Edition to create their own unique style that is simply..."B5".

About Mobo Multimedia: Mobo Multimedia provides cutting-edge cell phone content to users world-wide. It’s flagship product, MoboCelebs.com is part of a suite of mobile offerings, including Mobo Flirt (anonymous text chat), Mobo Tracks (independent artists’ music downloadable to cell phones), and others coming online in 2006. Based in Atlanta, GA, Mobo’s focus is to go beyond the ringtone and wallpaper norm and into groundbreaking content for the mobile world.

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