Hip-Hop News: Hip Hop's Dirty District Vol. 3 Ready To Drop
RJ Rice, CEO of Barak Records entrusted the sound and direction of Dirty District Vol. 3 to DJ Scrap Dirty.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
4/20/2006 8:16:56 AM

Seamlessly hosted by the legendary Brucie B (who also narrated the movie version of Paid In Full), Detroit is back in the house with the third installment of the Dirty District Series; Dirty District Vol. 3, which will be released nationally on 6-6-06.

RJ Rice, CEO of Barak Records entrusted the sound and direction of Dirty District Vol. 3 to DJ Scrap Dirty, the labels new General Manager. Scrap was brought over from Violator, where he is one of their invaluable “All Star DJ’s” and he will now oversee all of Barak’s releases. Barak could not be happier with their latest addition, as RJ Rice gushes; “We brought him in as the G.M. because of his awareness and broad diversity, particularly in the South and Midwest regions. Scrap’s business acumen is off the charts and he’s well-versed in so many different facets of the music business. He’s a wonderful addition to our staff.”

Dirty District Vol. 3 is produced in its entirety by the new emerging face of Detroit Hiphop Young RJ, who has previously worked with Kurupt of Tha Dogg Pound, Proof of D-12 and Slum Village. Straight from the streets of Detroit and at the ripe age of 22, Young RJ is already a studio veteran who brings an impeccably distinct flavor to Hip-Hop. Whether it is a sample, or live instrumentation based track, RJ proves that he is sonically mature beyond his years and he has already displayed an insatiable work ethic; having manned the boards for Slum Village producing the wealth of their last three albums, (Trinity, Detroit Deli and their latest Self Titled effort). Considering Young RJ was still in high school when he contributed to Slum Village’s Trinity LP and that he was settling in after Jay Dee as the group’s main sound architect, the pressure of filling in for a beloved producer such as Jay Dilla and working on a major label LP with no prior credits to his resume would have been a tremendous undertaking for anyone, especially for someone who had yet to reach the legal drinking age, but Young RJ laments it was merely the next step in his progression “yes, looking back on it now, there was pressure, but it was not overwhelming. I think being so young helped me a great deal, I was just able to focus on making good music and Jay Dee taught me certain things that I used, which just added to what I already brought to the table. I’m young, but I have an old soul and my production has a younger edge to it to where I feel I am able to reach the younger and older fans.” Young RJ is also the sound architect behind Slum Village’s “EZ Up” which is now featured on a national advertising campaign for Chevrolet.

Dirty District Vol. 3 is highlighted by appearances from Slum Village’s Baatin, a special DJ Scrap Dirty Slum Village mix with unreleased Jay Dee (Rest In Peace!) slum remix material, Planet Asia, Frank N Dank, Phat Kat, Black Milk, Aftermath Records Bishop Lamont, Proof (Rest In Peace!) of D-12, Detroit soul sensation Dwele and a surprise guest appearance from Al Hudson of One Way & RJ’s latest Arrival.

Are you ready to get DIRTY?

For an early sneak peak at Dirty District Vol. 3, please use the following link: www.tr3.com/youngrj

Tracklisting and Credits for Dirty District Vol. 3: 

1.) Intro (produced by Young RJ)
2.) Welcome To The District f/Black Milk & Fat Ray (produced by Young RJ)
3.) March On f/Frank N Dank, In-Depth & Bishop Lamont (produced by Young RJ)
4.) My Hustle f/J Isaac (produced by Young RJ)
5.) Scandal f/Baatin of Slum Village (produced by Young RJ)
6.) Magnifi f/Planet Asia (produced by Young RJ)
7.) Count Back f/Dwele (produced by Young RJ)
8.) Zero Gravity f/Bishop Lamont, Chevy Jones & Mike Ant (Produced By Young RJ)
9.) WCHI f/Jrunk Unklz (produced by Young RJ)
10.) True Story Pt.2 f/Phat Kat (produced by Young RJ)

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