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Treasury Department Owes Rapper Eminem Some Money
The state of Michigan's Treasury Department lists Marshall Mathers as someone who they owe money.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
4/18/2006 5:50:17 AM

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With a second divorce from his wife and the loss of his best friend, it’s an understatement to say that the past few weeks have been rough for Eminem.

Today (April 17) however, he finally got a bit of news in his favor.

According to The Associated Press, the Michigan state Treasury Department lists Marshall Mathers on its unclaimed property Web site. That essentially means that if Mathers wants to, he can pick up the unclaimed property turned over by Michigan National Bank.

The Treasury Department holds on to millions of dollars in forgotten bank accounts and uncashed paychecks, but it’s up to people to look on their Web site and make a claim.

“A lot of it is bank accounts, people moved and maybe forgot about them,” state treasury spokesman Caleb Buhs told The Detroit News. “If the account remains dormant for a year, the banks are legally obligated to turn it over to the state.”

Joining Eminem on the list is legendary singer Aretha Franklin and Domino’s Pizza founder Thomas S. Monaghan.

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