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Hip-Hop News: Rapper's Bow Wow & Will Smith Make Up
Statements Bow Wow made earned him criticism from fans and now things are all good between Smith and Bow Wow.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
4/6/2006 1:28:04 PM

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Bow Wow endured a lot of criticism from the media and hip hop fans for aligning himself with the top MCs in rap and the controversial remarks he made about Will Smith in an issue of XXL Magazine months ago. However, all Bow Wow wants is his fans and the media to be clear about he and Smith and why he felt like he was among the best three MCs in hip hop at the time of his comments.

Bow Wow explained his comments in XXL, in which he said Smith “isn’t a real rapper” and was “more of a bubblegum rapper.”

“I’m going to be the first person to tell you this, but me and Will Smith had a sit down talk, eye-to-eye,” Bow Wow told exclusively Wednesday (April 5). “Me and him (Smith) talked for like 30 minutes in my trailer and we worked it out. We walked out the trailer laughing, cracking up like crazy and that whole thing is deaded."

Bow Wow, who’s responsible for the smash single “Fresh Azimiz”, cites the truce with Smith as an important step of growing as not only an artist, but a man.

“That’s me growing up learning a lot of things," he said. "I felt like it was only right as a man now, looking at me that I talk to another man eye-to-eye, instead of keep going on with the hoopla, so I called Will Smith myself and I respected him for even coming to meet.”

Bow Wow also went on to say that he and Smith reached an understanding and hit it off to the point in which the different generation hip hop stars even talked about movie scripts.

With that situation patched up Bow Wow proceeded to explain his other controversial remarks. The young prince of hip hop told XXL in the same issue that, “The only real rappers out there right now are me, Kanye, 50 and maybe Jay (As in Jay-Z, the President of Def Jam).”

In hindsight, Bow Wow insists that his comments shouldn’t be taken as a knock to other notable hip hop artists and that he was among the aforementioned group of MCs in the main spotlight at the time.

“I had just got off tour about to go do another tour, 50 was doing Get Rich or Die Trying, he was still hot, and Kanye had just dropped the College Dropout and when he did that I was still on The Scream Tour,” Bow Wow told “I wasn’t downplaying my other hip hop peers- Ludacris will always be hot, Snoop is going to always be hot and I respect everybody in hip hop, but at that particular moment that’s what I was really talking about. I’m not saying I’m the best ever, can’t no nobody touch me, but I was just really giving myself props and the people that were on the TV every three, four, five seconds.

“Every time I would turn on the tube and at that particular time it was myself, 50 and Kanye West and that’s all that I was saying.”

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