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Bay Area Hyphy Movement Exposed On DVD
The Hyphy craze was given national attention with the exposure from E-40's album Ghetto Report Card and is now coming to a DVD near you.
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My Ghetto Report Card (2006)
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
4/5/2006 2:06:29 PM

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Get ready for a curb-side view into the first DVDs exposing the hip-hop Hyphy and Sideshow movement that started in the Bay Area and is sweeping the nation like wildfire. These explicit DVDs are the first ever to expose the Hyphy movement, the good, bad and deadly. 

Positioned as a catalyst to launch the movement, Hyphy Exposed and Wildest Sideshows Uncensored are two new DVDs that feature raw footage of what happens in the streets of East Oakland and the Bay Area after the clubs close. Including the unbelievable sights of people going dumb, street racing, mind blowing car crashes, fights, riots and an all-star line-up of the latest music fueling the streets. 

Hyphy has been called the hottest scene in the country by Rolling Stone magazine, and these highly controversial DVDs bring all the anarchy of the movement right into your living room. Both titles arrive in stores May 16 on Fall Thru Entertainment, the company that brought you the jaw-dropping multi-platinum Ghetto Brawls and Worlds Wildest Street Fights series.

Hyphy Exposed and Wildest Sideshows Uncensored bring you behind the scenes to the never before seen footage of the menacing side of Hyphy and Sideshows. 

Hyped by Bay Area hip-hop rap artist E-40’s chart topping single “Tell Me When”, the party gets started in a hurry. The movement's participants wear Stunna Shades; sunglasses that are distinguishable for their large frames. They perform a spastic dance and participate in sideshows, street driving showcases that include Ghostriding (in which a car inches along as the driver walks beside it) and exhibitions of doughnuts, among other vehicle stunts.  Unfortunately, there is also a dark side.  According to producer Drop Knock, “Things ain’t always sweet in the street.  Sometimes you either gotta get cashed out or smashed out”.  This warning is quite evident, as innocent bystanders are forced to pay “town taxes”; the hyphy version of street justice.  In one scene, a woman’s brand new Cadillac Escalade is attacked by men and women alike, and destroyed in a matter of minutes.  

Such events, coupled with the growing popularity of sideshows throughout the country & the success of E-40’s latest album, have forced law enforcement to take action.  After two decades of harassment and tickets, authorities have stepped up their campaign to stop sideshows in its tracks. The clash between cops and sideshow riders "contributed to the death of a young Oakland woman by cops who intentionally or negligently pursued a suspect who was spinning donuts in his car in the middle of an intersection, at high speeds violating their duty towards bystanders”. The dispute over the legalization of Sideshows is as controversial as Marijuana legalization.  Not even the police can curb the obscene realities of Hyphy Exposed and Wildest Sideshows Uncensored.

Fall Thru Entertainment is a leading home entertainment company that acquires licenses, promotes, and finances exclusive content for worldwide distribution.  Founded in 1998, the company is dedicated to delivering the hottest, craziest, and most controversial “AS SEEN ON TV” reality-based video.  Fall Thru Entertainment has teamed with cutting edge independent producers and elite Hollywood players to provide consumers with the most shockingly entertaining products backed by multi-million dollar television, radio, and print campaigns.  The company continues to release an average of 10 new exclusive DVDs per year across a wide range of programming.

Watch a side show clip HERE

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