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Hip-Hop News: Death Row East Rapper Lake Announces Colab Release
Rap artist Lake and Cormega are planning a collaborative album scheduled to be released May 23rd.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
3/23/2006 8:49:08 AM

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On May 23rd, Lake and Cormega are releasing a collaborative album. Two Queensbridge street legends converge at different stages in their rap careers: one, a “hood platinum” Hip-Hop veteran, the other, a talented rapper out to prove his lyrical worth. Normally, the table would be set for an interesting conversation piece.

But like his Thanksgiving Day charity, Suge Knight dropped a turkey on that table when he signed Lake to Death Row Records East. Read as Lake addresses his signing, prospects of a Nas beef, Queens production, and why Death Row East failed the first time ‘round. If his “revolution is as real as Bobby Seale’s,” consider this the beginning. Since you announced signing with Death Row with Kay Slay last month, how has your life and your career changed?

Lake: The main thing was just having inspiration to look forward to the things that I know lie ahead of me. Before then, it was pretty much, there was no ray of hope. I had hope in myself. I knew I had what I needed to get it done, but it wasn’t really visual. Now, I wake up in the morning and know I got a bright future ahead of me. Forget the money and all of that. Before, you could have released an album anytime you wanted to. Now, Death Row has released one active-artist album since 1999 in Kurupt’s Against Tha Grain. Are you concerned that you can’t have artistic freedom?

Lake: Nah. Doin’ it with Suge, I have creative control. Whenever I want to put the album out, I’ll put the album out. If I want it out next month, it’ll be next month. I’m not stagnated in no way. That’s why this situation is really a good one for me. About a year ago, there were news releases that Tha Row was gonna work with Domination and Bang ‘Em Smurf for an East Coast link. Do you have any idea what happened with that?

Lake: I didn’t know nothin’ about that situation. How were you approached then, to sign?

Lake: I had people over in California, that had lines to get in contact with Suge. With that, I sent music to them, to get in contact with him. They got in contact with it. After that, it was on. I let him know what we wanted to do, how we wanted to come out, and it was the combination. It was a win-win. You’re a Queens dude first. Queens loves to see its own make big moves, but they tend to resent it when hometown dudes move away. Is your time in California, or releasing a freestyle about California, detrimental to your audience thus far?

Lake: It’s always gonna be relevant, what I’m sayin’. It’s a universal struggle that we goin’ through. The same thing we go through in Cali, we go through in New York. Everything I been through – gettin’ shot, gettin’ incarcerated and facin’ life in prison – all of that happened in Queensbridge. All my struggles and adversities went through there. So when I speak, it comes from there. I’m always gonna be Queens. Now, because of my travels, I have more to talk about – to give the streets somethin’ to think about. Historically, whenever Death Row has signed an established artist, that artist is always in turmoil with another big artist. You released “Why Nas?” on mixtapes recently. Nas and Mobb Deep are projected to be two of the biggest acts in 2006. Where do your allegiances lie, and where are you attacking?

Lake: Me and Cormega, that’s my boy. We got an album coming out on May 23rd. That’s before my [Death Row] album. We are back. [Queens] is gonna get more attention from the world from what I’m doing. Whatever I do, I’m bringing it to the people. With other artists, I don’t have anything against ‘em. It’s enco

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