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Hip-Hop News: Oakland Rap Legend Readies “Gangsters and Strippers”
Rapper Too Short announces a new DVD release titled “Gangsters and Strippers” set to drop April 11th.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
3/22/2006 5:20:29 AM

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Veteran West Coast rap artist Too $hort is set to release a rap DVD titled “Gangsters and Strippers” feature Shorts “Up All Nite Crew” April 11th, 2006. The “Up All Night Crew“ is an elite crew of MCs from the Bay Area and Atlanta, Ga. Staying true to the title, this album satisfies the ears of everyone it aims to please. The Gangsters get some shine on trunk-rattlers like "What's That About", "It's the Mob" from the Murder Mob and Moven featuring Boo Ski of Murder Mob. While the Strippers get some music courtesy of The Pack's "Booty Bounce Bopper" and the collaborative effort "Sugar Daddy".

"Sure the songs are explicit, but they are very specific as well," insists $hort. "In the process of making the music we'd leave the studio and go to the strip club or run the streets. So naturally, we chose to come up with the sounds and concepts that go along with late night behavior."

While the vivid lyrics on Gangsters & Strippers succeed in painting pictures of the fast-paced lifestyle it chronicles, the accompanying DVD will drive the point home.

Instead of boring viewers with unnecessary dialogues and choppy footage, the Gangsters & Strippers DVD is filmed in the vein of a CD that you just pop in the deck and let ride.

Surely, Gangsters & Strippers is not suitable for minors and may turn away those unfamiliar with Too $hort's entertainment legacy. That being said, $hort assures his true fans that this project is strictly for them.

"The whole object of Gangsters & Strippers is me getting back to my roots," says $hort. "I live and die by the funk but I also roll with the trends. At the end of the day, I'm a music man and a music fan."

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