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Hip-Hop News: Dead Prez Member M-1 Readies "Confidential"
Politicaly driven rap group Dead Prez's member M-1 is preparing for the March 21st drop of his latest CD.
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Dead Prez Presents M-1
Confidential (2006)
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
3/11/2006 9:09:46 AM

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Just weeks before dropping his solo effort, "Confidential," on March 21, 2006, M-1's group dead prez (with partner sticman) can be seen in comedian Dave Chapelle's feature documentary, "Dave Chapelle's Block Party." Contrary to rumors, dead prez is in fact still together, and plan on releasing a new album in 2006. In "Dave Chapelle's Block Party," the group performs "Hip Hop" and "Turn Off the Radio," two of their most popular hits. Dead prez has generated a fervent underground following and respect within the hip hop community. Their notoriety is furthered by a reputation for dealing head-on with black power and politics in their music and everyday life.

M-1 has partnered up with famed jazz guitar player and producer Fabrizio Sotti's (Cassandra Wilson) Sotti Records and KOCH Records to release his debut solo LP, "Confidential." The album features Styles P, Q-Tip, K'naan and Cassandra Wilson, among others. M-1's intentions are clear, as he envisions "Confidential" as the next chapter in the book dead prez is writing with their career.

M-1 is currently on a 40-date national tour with Ghostface Killah.

The track listing for "Confidential" is:

1. One Side (The Anthem)
2. Early (Feat. Sticman)
3. Land, Bread & Housing (Feat. My Momma' & Raye)
4. For You (Feat. Scrap Daddy)
5. Confidential (Feat. Raye).
6. Love You Can't Borrow (Feat. Q-Tip & Cassandra Wilson)
7. 5 Elements
8. Gunslinger
9. Comrade's Call (feat. Styles P & Bazaar Royale)
10. Don't Put Down Your Flag (Feat. Young Dre')
11. The Beat (Feat. Bang Double)
12. Been Through (Feat. Ghostface & Raye)
13. 'Til We Get There (Feat. K'Naan & Stori James)
14. Too Smart

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