Hip-Hop News: Bobby Brown Arested Once Again
14 years after the last arrest, Bobby Brown has been arrested for an outstanding warrant.
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Posted by Dave
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3/8/2006 8:50:15 AM

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Bobby Brown is getting all too familiar with the word "outstanding." As in, outstanding warrant for his arrest. And in this case, really outstanding.

The former R&B hit-maker and reality-TV star was arrested over the weekend in Webster, Massachusetts, on a warrant issued in 1992 for motor vehicle violations.

Police Chief Timothy Bent told reporters that the warrant was for unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and an uninsured motor vehicle trailer.

Brown, 37, was in town to watch his teenage daughter LaPrincia's cheerleading tournament when a police officer conducting a routine warrant check turned up the old charge against him. The minor nature of the offense was reflected in what happened next--Brown finished watching his daughter's performance and then drove himself and his bodyguard over to the police station.

After being detained for about one hour, Brown exercised his prerogative to shell out $40 for bail and drive--carefully, we presume--away.

"He was very forthright in wanting to clear this up," Bent said. "He probably didn't know he had this."

Brown is no stranger to the Massachusetts legal system. In fact, he may be on a first-name basis with the bailiffs after appearing in family court several times for failing to pay child support to ex-girlfriend Kim Ward, the mother of daughter LaPrincia and son Bobby Jr.

The legally challenged entertainer was sentenced to 90 days in prison in 2004 for missing three months of child support totaling $63,500, but the sentence was suspended after he came up with about $15,000 in back payments. In September, Brown appeared at another hearing where he announced that his family financials were back on track and he was setting up college funds for his children. (That's after he skipped out on a previous hearing, claiming he had the stomach flu. A warrant was issued for his arrest, one of several he has incurred for skipping court dates.)

Meanwhile, Brown lives sometimes happily, sometimes not happily, with wife Whitney Houston in Georgia. Brown adamantly denied reports in January that the two were splitting. He also announced that he was patching up things with his former New Edition mates and they will reunite for a 2008 tour.

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