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Hip-Hop News: Nelly's Apple Bottom Clothing Line Gets Expansion
Changes to the Apple Bottom clothing line includes the addition of lingerie, shoes, handbags as well as plus sizes and more.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
2/28/2006 6:06:59 AM

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Rapper and entrepreneur Nelly is expanding his Apple Bottom clothing brand to include lingerie, shoes, handbags, plus size clothing, and childrenswear.

Apple Bottom, which launched in July 2003, is gearing up for a children's print ad campaign featuring celebrity rappers, including Nelly, Ali from the St. Lunactics, Big Gipp from Goodie Mobb and Jermaine Dupri, paired with their daughters.

"We got the campaign going just [to show] we are fathers as well [as rappers]," Nelly said about the ads for the children's line, which is set to launch in nine months. "Apple Bottoms is more of a family-oriented line, and I want to make sure we put that out there as well."

Nelly made the announcement during a press conference held during the 2006 MAGIC Convention in Las Vegas.

The company announce plans to expand into other areas of women's fashion as well, such as the under-served urban plus-size market. Nelly said inspiration for the line came from his love for fashion.

"As a man you kinda know what you are attracted to when you see a young lady walking. You kinda know what turns your head, if she's looking right or styled right, so you try to lend those influences to the designer," he said. "Hopefully they can come up with something that's original that will benefit our [Apple Bottom] line."

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