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Hip-Hop News: Rap Star Mom Wants Hip Hop Community Help
Mother of westcoast producer Daz Dillinger is asking for help from the hip hop community.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
2/24/2006 5:56:48 AM

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The mother of west coast rap artist and hip-hop producer Daz Dillinger, and also the aunt of west coast rapper Snoop Dogg wants to help the Hip-Hop community. Dr. Varnado has started a campaign to help some in the hip-hop community.

No she is not waging a movement to get her son and nephew to make ‘meaningful’ records, Dr. Varnado is dedicated to helping those artists who have "broken spirits" to receive the peace of mind of having faith in a higher being.

Dr. Varnado says “My generation has to get out of the church and into the community. We can't turn our noses up at this generation we have to help them, we should be committed to helping them." Dr. Varnado continues, "I know that it is a struggle but I am committed to help those who are in need who have been molested, who have been abused, who have been peer pressured into a gang and so forth."

Dr. Varnado is committed to helping raise the esteem of the Hip Hop generation especially. Dr Varnado explains, "I listen to these lyrics and it's basically stemming from self-hatred. We have to stop this self hatred and it comes from us as Black people not believing we are beautiful." Dr. Varnado reveals, "So I started a 'Because I don't look like you doesn't mean I am ugly campaign". Stacey Reynold explains, "I totally believe in what Dr. Varnado is doing because our children watch videos in the hip hop industry and half of those people have tons of make up on or are airbrushed and it is simply not realistic and then they go to school and their peers judge each other based on that unrealistic standard." Reynolds continues, "There are plenty of people who have murdered, stolen, and abused another simply because they believed the damaging words that their parents or peers have told them. At that point ones self esteem is totally shot. You can't expect a clear picture out of damaged lenses".

The question that Dr. Varnado asks every time, "Before Kanye was it popular to rap about Jesus? After Kanye West will someone else dare to do it?"

Dr Varnado is a powerful speaker and spiritual guide for the youth. Dr. Varnado's fiery testimony and wonderful singing can also be found on Gods Army Reserves. Join her as she helps fill the void in so many lives who were challenged by adversity: child molestation, rape, terminal illnesses, abuse, emotional turmoil, low self esteem. Her teachings her words are so commanding so powerful that you walk away feeling refreshed and more connected to the Creator. She helps you align to that power that you have within you.

She is also no stranger to the music world, as she has worked for phenomenal stars such as Bobby Blue Bland. Dr. Allean Varnando is an evangelist, singer, author, songwriter, Bible instructor and a true instrument for delivering the power words that God so often tries to tells us but we choose to ignore.

While often times ministries can be She has such a hip spirit to connect and relate to young people all over the world. She has the quick wit of any comedian and the ability to go beneath the surface of any circumstance to heal you with the power of God. Her quick wit, creativity and humor keeps the youth laughing as she ministers and reveals new methods and ways to find the right connection with the Creator. She makes it clear that God is not some far away thing but a reality that all of us have access to. Her many years of experience in the Juvenile Court System in California and Psyche Counselor in Oklahoma with youth has given her the insight on various issues that plague teenagers that adults often time forget after they reach a certain age. Dr. Varnado has appeared in Sister to Sister, Philadelphia Newspaper, Trinity Broadcasting Network, and countless other television and media outlets to share a step by step program to adhere to having a better sense of self. Is the past robbing you from the ability to receive goodness in your present? Are you unknowingl

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