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Hip-Hop News: Spider Loc Speaks On Beef In Interview
G-Unit artist Spider Loc speaks on his gang affiliation and beef with others.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
2/1/2006 11:46:57 AM

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Spider Loc: What made me start rapping is I just, I been naturally blessed with a talent for poetry and rap just happens to be something, the only thing that I can find myself doing without any motivation, its the only thing I took upon myself to cultivate and develop I enjoy it so much. It just happens to be such a popular profession these days and at the same time its like my favorite pass-time, I have a passion for the music. Where did you come up with the name 'Spider Loc' from?

Spider Loc: Thats a name actually that orientated in the streets. Based on my big brother, it was a a gang affiliation, that was the name that he carried in the streets and when I decided to gang-bang, based on my resemblance, and the fact that we get down quite similar, I was also named Spider, behind big spider. How did you get together with 50 and G-Unit?

Spider Loc: My homie Young Buck WUDDUP YOUNG BUCK, MY NIGGA! G-Unit South. I bumped into Young Buck in Atlanta Georgia, I took that opportunity to freestyle for him, he was impressed to the point that he allowed me to accompany him a week later to his video shoot in Los Angeles for 'Shorty Wanna Ride'. I took that opportunity to freestyle for 50 Cent and upon me completing my rap, they offered me a position on G-Unit Records. What has changed in your life when you joined G-Unit Records?

Spider Loc: Shit, everything. My money, the way people get at me, my access to the finer things in life, my position actually in this world period. I travel, I've seen the world twice over since I met him. Seen my kids in a manner I've always desired. It made me look out for my mother, I just feel more mature, more stable more secure and my future looks good, looks a whole lot better than it has been looking.. Can you tell everybody a bit more about G-Unit west, who's signed right now and who can we expect to be signed?

Spider Loc: We're thinking about dealing with this young cat named 'Hot Rod' up out of Arizona. We're trying to get something situated with him. , we're just throwing some things around man, trying to put together, we're building some things over here you'll see. Is there any future artists, in G-Unit Records, any future artists that are going to be signed soon?

Spider Loc: G-Unit as a whole? Yeah just G-Unit records in general rather than just G-Unit West.

Spider Loc: Well, we're trying to take, G-Unit as a whole, we're trying to sign everybody thats on the positive side of making records on the game. So you know, yeah there are going to be some more people signed. Line up, takeover, G-Unit takeover. You and Game are going at each other now, you went at game with 'Bitch Boy', he came back with '240 Bars', have you heard that diss yet?

Spider Loc: Yeah that shit was comical man, it was wack as fuck. (Laughs) No doubt.

Spider Loc: I'm the reason, (laughs), I'm the reason why they put me when they play Madden, but at the same time I was nominated for the best original song of the video game, not just on Madden but on the video game period for the year 2006 with that song. Yeah that was awesome, congratulations on that.

Spider Loc: Get this, he had a song he submitted for the same video game that was not accepted, and he thought maybe it was perhaps because of the production on it so he went and had Fred Wreck do a remix and he submitted it a second time and it still wasn't accepted so that might be the reason he pushes . Yeah I know he's a basketball type muthafucka he's going to play live and then he got the NBA so he can probally push a mute on that too, you know? He's just a weird dude man, dude is a misrepresentation of the west coast period. Now do you plan on getting back at him again since he came at

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