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Hip-Hop News: Black Wallstreet Faces Rap Star Problems
Black Wallstreet is facing problems with conflicting group members over money issues.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
12/27/2005 1:02:37 PM

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Inner-turmoil in the hip hop/rap label Black Wallstreet (BWS) camp has run rampant for the last few weeks and with Game launching a new official website for his company ( recently, it has fueled the rumors even further and left fans wondering what the deal is.
Although both sides have been silent thus far, Game, being the outspoken man he is, has released a statement on his new site's message boards under the username "Hurricane Game" addressing the rumors.
"I was forced to switch the domain of my former website to due to the disrespect shown towards me from ex-employees who decided to turn their backs on me and my imprint because they felt they weren't getting enough money out of me," Game wrote on his site.
He goes on the explain that over the course of 2005, he has spend more than $1.5 million on "homies and employees of The Black Wallstreet label," buying many of them cars, jewelry, paying for traveling expenses and even giving out cash to help out with their financial situations.
But, like the old saying goes, no matter how much you help someone, they are never completely happy. And according to Game, this is the case. He claims that ex-Black Wallstreet employees have continued to use his name to make money, keeping "100% profit" from mixtapes and T-shirt sale from his website. This is the straw that broke the camel's back and the rapper finally had enough.
"There came a time when I felt like I was being taking advantage of by the people closest to me," Game wrote. "Like anybody else would, I got fed up."
"I let n----s live, let them make money off me [by] using my name, selling my sh--, [and] all without asking for a cut. And gave them the opportunity of a lifetime to do whatever they want -- opening the doors very few ever seem to get in the business and giving them the chance to make something legal, positive, and legit out of their lives," Game continued.
On the other side of the fence, Game's older brother, Big Fase 100, contends most of what younger brother says is false. In a revealing interview from, Fase says that the $1.5 million that Game claims he has spent on his BWS team is "a lie."
"He says something like he flew us around the country and spent $1.5 million, which is a lie," Big Fase told AHH. "I ain't had $50,000 in my pocket since [Black Wallstreet] started. His Ford truck that he gave me got repossessed last month."
According to Fase, Game's entire persona was created by him, explaining that his life was the backstory the rapper's gangster image.
"Basically, what I've done is I've set the stage and I created the backdrop for The Game," Fase told AHH. "I mean, his n----s that have been visible for the past year, those have been my n----s. Basically, what I did, I provided the background story for Game. For lack of a better word, I certified his gangster. I set the stage and the backdrop and he’s living my life, basically."

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