Hip-Hop News: Rap Contest Offers Recording Contract
The winner of the Turn Up The Mic contest will be featured on an upcoming reality TV show as well as a record contract.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
12/21/2005 5:20:48 PM

The producers of TURN UP THE MIC are accepting applications for a contest that will result in someone becoming a reality TV R&B / HIP HOP star with a recording contract worth an estimated $1 million.
Contestants are to submit their application along with a 1 minute video on DVD and the $15 entry/evaluation fee by US mail. Applications and entry requirements are available through www.turnupthemic.com.
The winner of TURN UP THE MIC will win an estimated $1,000,000 recording contract and tour next year with the JACROZ GO-LIVE TOUR 2006. The contest is open to ages 8 - 45.
The show is from the creative mind of Harry Keane Jr., the Irving man (now living in Rowlett) who sued Fox and the Producers of American Idol claiming he came up with the original concept and idea in 1994. There was never a denial of Mr. Keane’s creation. The Southern District Court of Texas (Civil Action #H-03-1642) decided that because Mr. Keane sent out his concept and idea unsolicited, he failed to protect his ownership interest. 
Mr. Keane is still embroiled in his lawsuit to protect others from going down this road ever again. No matter which laws are re-written, in Mr. Keane’s eyes and in the eyes of millions of fans around the world, he has been the victim of plain theft no matter how you look at it.
Mr. Keane has never stopped developing his creative ideas. In the midst of all this lawsuit has put him through, Mr. Keane has risen to the top yet again. After eleven months of researching, developing and writing, Mr. Keane’s new show TURN UP THE MIC (a registered trademark of Turn Up The Mic, LP.) and written for Twister Entertainment, Ltd. shows you can’t keep a creative mind down. The producers required me to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement before I could learn the details of the show. Without giving away his concept and idea, I can say that what I have read reveals this show is as good as it gets in reality television.
Turn Up The Mic has a web-site which enables an artist/contest entrant to send in a 1 minute video of his/her audition along with an on-line contestant application and a $15 entry/evaluation fee. 
You no longer need to travel and spend all that money for a 30 second shot in the business.

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