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Hip-Hop News: Crunk Inc. Alleges Warner Bros/Reprise Mishandling
Officials from Warner Brothers Music and Reprise Records allegedly aided Lil Scrappy and his attorney, Leron E. Rogers, in committing several crimes against Crunk Inc.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
12/13/2005 12:56:42 PM

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Frank Sinatra was the founder of Reprise Records, but has since passed on. Today, the Founder of Crunk Incorporated, Serious Lord of Crunk, takes the first step in his pursuit to seek justice against Lil Scrappy, his attorney Leron E. Rogers, and officials from Warner Brothers Music/Reprise Records. Lord has just finished a one year probationary sentence stemming from an incident with the Orlando Police Department. In fact, Lord was arrested for protecting Lil Scrappy from receiving bodily harm as the Orlando Police tazered and fought children at Dr. Phillips High School in Orlando, Florida. Lil Scrappy never appeared in Court to aid Lord in his Defense ( Case # 48-2004-cf-002794-O/a, DC # X47308).
Once Lord returned to the Business of Crunk, he was met with disturbing news. Not only had shares of Crunk Incorporated been allegedly manipulated, but monies had allegedly been dispersed by Warner Brothers Music/Reprise Records to Crunk, and divided without payment to Lord.
Lord says, "Several false allegations were made against me by my business partner Lil Scrappy and Crunk Incorporated artists' Crime Mob in an attempt to gain more money and power. Officials from Warner Brothers Music/Reprise Records and Lil Scrappy's new attorney, Leron E. Rogers, allegedly assisted them in their perpetuation of lies and deceit in order to smear my name. In order to gain the trust of these young people, I suspect that Warner Brothers Music/Reprise Records and Mr. Leron E. Rogers attempted to destroy a hero. I'm the only person who took them in, and made their dreams come true."
Lord began Crunk Incorporated in 2003 when he took on the responsibility of managing a then 18-year-old high school drop out, Lil Scrappy. He provided an excellent lawyer for Scrappy in Attorney Lee B. Beitchman, Esq., who is responsible for the annual Atlantis Music Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, among other notable accreditation's. Lord and Beitchman together negotiated a long term recording contract with Lil Jon's BME Recordings and Warner Music's Reprise Records for Lil Scrappy. Lord and Beitchman continued moving the vision of Crunk Incorporated by signing Atlanta based teen group Crime Mob. This six member high school group suffered from serious problems with behavior and academics which led to four of the members being expelled from the Dekalb County School System. Lord took them in.
At that time, Crunk Incorporated was divided into shares. Lord received thirty percent (30%) of Crunk, Scrappy received thirty percent (30%)of Crunk, Harry Bing received thirty percent (30%) of Crunk, and Beitchman received ten percent (10%) of Crunk. Harry Bing is the original producer of Lil Scrappy's hit song "Headbussa", says Lord, not Lil Jon as the publishing records indicate (Harry Bing for G.I. Joe Muzik). Publishing records will also indicate that Crunk Incorporated owns all the publishing for Crime Mob, not Warner Brothers/ Reprise Records. Lord and Beitchman negotiated a long term production deal with Warner Bros./Reprise Records for Crime Mob worth several million dollars.
Another keystone in the foundation of Crunk was a business alliance made with Lil Jon's BME Recordings. To this very day, Crunk Incorporated and BME Recordings have a Profit Participation Agreement. But, Warner Brothers and BME Recordings have an agreement as well.
Lords says, "I suspect that Warner Brothers/Reprise, Lil Scrappy, Leron E. Rogers, Crime Mob, and BME Recordings acted in unison to remove me from my earned position in Crunk Incorporated and in the Music Business. That attempt allegedly was made using lies, deceit, and their positions of power; in order for them to gain more money and more power. I truly suspect that these people have conspired to commit fraud, tortured interference, slander, corporate sabotage, defamation of character, malicious prosecution, institutional racism and extortion."
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