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Hip-Hop News: Gov. Shwarzenegger Denies Tookie's Clemecy
After tons of support via email and faxes the Governor of California, Arnold Shwarzenegger, denies clemency for Tookie.
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News: New Evidence In Tookie's Defense Revealed
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
12/12/2005 5:31:31 PM

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Remember back during the presidential elections when hip-hop moguls and rap artists came out and many were shoving the Vote or Die campaign down our throats and telling us how we needed to do this and that; then we found out that many of those telling us to vote did not vote themselves.
 The recent life and death case of Stanley Tookie Williams has brought new leadership to the hip-hop arena.
 Actor / musician Jamie Foxx and rap artist Snoop Dogg, and many others were not afraid to take a stand for what many believe is the right thing to do – spare the life of LA Crip co-founder Stanley Tookie Williams.
 Many of the so called ‘influential voices’ in hip-hop culture remained unusually unheard through all of Stanley Tookie Williams struggles.
 Maybe certain brands of tee shirts could not be made in time or there was not enough of a ‘platform’ for these so called ‘leaders’ to get their shine on or to make a buck on, or maybe they just do not believe that state authorized murder is wrong.
 Many hip-hop and rap artists are members or are affiliated with different gangs and this is no secret; as many sport sect tattoos or talk freely about their affiliations with different groups.
 So where were the so called ‘leaders’ of the hip-hop culture in all of this? It is time for us to step back and take a look at those we look to for guidance and direction. It is time to really look at who is speaking for us as a culture and their motives for their actions.
 Many hip-hop related artists, activist, politicians, and real leaders took a stand on the execution of Stanley Tookie Williams and spoke out about it. These are the people we need to look to.
 We need ‘leaders’ and ‘advisors’ with a true moral compass and who are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in, no matter what the mainstream thinks.
 It seems those that had the position to make the ‘voice’ louder for the clemency of Stanley Tookie Williams were no where to be found.
 To all the hip-hop grass roots activists and all the rap artists, actors, politicians, religious leaders; I would like to say we are watching. We recognize who is doing what and why action is being taken. To those who supported Stanley Tookie Williams we pledge support; to those who refused to see the struggle and to speak on it; we will remember.
 All have fought a strong fight and I am sure all that could be done has been done and we can be confident that at least we tried to stop this vengeance driven government murder of Stanley Tookie Williams.
 All things happen for a purpose; so we just need to see the purpose and never forget what is to happen December 13th, 2005 at 12:01A.M. (PT)
 We ask for calm and not to ‘play into’ the snare that they are hoping we fall for. Time will tell what a mistake this execution is; but sadly if this goes off it will be time that Stanley Tookie Williams won’t have.
 Society causes many of their own problems and then they sit back and wonder why things are like they are, there will be a lot of sitting back and thinking about this action if it is taken.
 For others who have stood up for Tookie visit
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 "REDEMPTION - Hip Hop United 2 Save Stan Tookie Williams"
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