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Young artist from Philly wants to revolutionize the rap and hip hop gospel genre.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
12/12/2005 7:23:24 AM

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Kirk Franklin was commended because of his adoption of hip hop and gospel music and combining them into an art form which religious groups accepted as a tool to attract the young, hip culture. Another artist was inspired and wants to follow in his footsteps.

A young man from Philadelphia named Steve Kodjo Kelly is about to revolutionize Ghanaian Gospel music just as Kirk Franklin did to the Gospel music worldwide.

At a local Ghanaian event in Philly this summer, Just as the event was about to wrap up, the Master of Ceremonies invited one young man to floor to sing a track from his forthcoming album in honour of the hosts. The gentleman known as Steve Kudjo Kelly smiling and showing some sense of humility, sang an impressive song titled "HE IS COMIN" from his track. He received a huge round of applause and a standing ovation and those who knew Steve wondered when did he become a singer.

In another development, this writer organized a memorable event in Philadelphia in October 2005 and Steve was there to sing another track entitled; "Thank you" which received raved reviews from the audience. Steve has just released his new album entitled "Be lifted" from his record label; Gyee Nyame Records. From all indications, there is no doubt that he is indeed going to be a force to reckon with in the Gospel music industry. Steve's great songs are backed by great production and strictly Hip-pop/R&B beats. He fused English with a little twi to reach diverse audience. He has received words of encouragement from major Gospel artists including Kirk Frank who admires his style.

Steve Kodjo Kelly is a native of Ghana/Liberia and was born into a family influenced by gospel music, it is to no surprise that Steve’s love for music has gotten him thus far. His grandmother is a prophetess who is filled with anointed spiritual gift from God. Under his grandmother's guidance Steve was trained to lead the praise team in the Church of Jerusalem back in Monrovia-Liberia at the age of seven and still loves to sing to this date.

It was in the early 2000 that Steve embraced Holy-hip-hop and it’s culture. He was mesmerized with the boldness and creativity of this new art form. Steve immediately recognized that the youths and adults were fascinated with this kind of unique style of Gospel Music all over the world. At that time, he realized that this was something he can do to win the heart and soul of the youths, and adults who are blown away by Holy-Hip-hop. After discovering the art and also remembering the pain he suffered during the Liberia civil war, he felt it is the time to thank Jesus for saving him and and his family. He wrote the track "Thank You", a lovely track with heavy beats in both English and a local dialect (Twi). This is a track that is going to get major reviews.

He recorded "Thank you" Jesus to show the appreciation of what God has done for him and his family and also he believes that his fans and all gospel listeners will be strengthened and encouraged by listening to this track.

Another inspiration track from the "Be Lifted" album is; "Jesus in Coming" soon. According to him, he got the idea after believers and unbelievers continue to ask about when Jesus would be coming. The song is to tell the world that he is truly coming and it is written in the Bible as may be "Tonight, Today or Tomorrow" , so therefore Christians should be AWARE of his coming soon.

Steve began his education in Liberia and graduated from St Patrick Boys High School. He also went to College in Monrovia. Steve pursued with a Diploma in Engineering Science and Crafts.

Steve is embarking on a promotional tour with a groundbreaking, creative ministry from this gift to the body of Christ soon. Look forward to his visit to churches and a city near you.

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