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Hip-Hop News: NBA 'Hip Hop Clothing' Ban Kills Urban Business
Small urban businesses are taking a hit due to the NBA's ban on urban clothing.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
12/12/2005 5:36:14 AM

Who would have thought that putting a basketball in the hoop for the NBA would ban you from wearing hip hop clothing?

The NBA recently laid down a strict dress code for its athletes, that involved changing their image and culturally driven fashions. 
After comments directed at the general public from major NBA figures such as David "the commissioner" Stern and Lakers coach Phil Jackson, the changes were made necessary for all players. With seemingly harsh comments from Jackson especially, claiming anyone in Urban wear looks like a thug, many took offense to the NBA's outlawing of young, urban minority lifestyle trends. 
URB1.COM's founder, who's been pushing hard for the recognition of Urban & Hip Hop Fashion designers, spoke briefly on the matter to a few members of the Hip Hop fashion focused Website. "To be honest, I don't understand how people don't see how only a certain culture's traditions were targeted. I feel this is a slap in the face. Stern is outlawing our culture but using us to make hundreds of millions if not billions. When we were buying their jerseys in record numbers, it was not a problem. He even started pushing for Hip Hop music to be played in the Arenas. Now he wants it all gone? Sounds to me like he wants to change where and who money is going to. And those players love their checks, but I hope they don't see this as alright behind closed doors. Because just like Michael Jordan, they will have to retire one day. And they have a Union, use it! There's other leagues that they can make... don't be afraid to learn about them," said the founder. 
Since the NBA's transition into these new fashion ways, many different companies started to make moves towards the NBA. Those lines are looking to capitalize off the image of players since Urban & Hip Hop fashion designers can no longer be a choice of the pro-athletes. 
One company who's moved in quickly is Dockers. The company known heavily for its' slacks, recently offered to outfit all 450 basketball players for $432,000. 
Dockers' offer would provide each player with five pairs of pants, ten shirts, two pairs of shoes, nine pairs of socks, a belt, and a blazer. 
Also, designer Joseph Abboud has signed on Knicks guard Stephon Marbury to appear in ads and is outfitting the player for all of this season's games. Abboud is also in negotiations with one hundred other NBA players. Some players had complained initially about the new dress code, but the promise of lucrative deals with fashion companies may change some minds. 
URB1 Magazine will be taking in comments about the NBA's new regulations for athletes, from Urban & Hip Hop Lifestyle at their renovated website: URB1Mag.com. The printed publication company's fifth issue will have a story covering the NBA's fashion in depth. FUBU Clothing's founders will be featured on the cover.

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