Hip-Hop News: Bay Area Rap Star B-Legit Speaks On New Album
Rapper from the Bay Area speaks about the upcoming album titled Block Movement.
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Block Movement (2005)
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12/8/2005 1:35:26 PM

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Long time rap and hop hop star B-Legit is a hell of a lot more than E-40’s brother. After a decade plus, B has led by quiet example for his community, both as an artist signed to Jive and today, as an independent. His hemp-themed albums sat lovely with red-eyed cruisers everywhere, but in 2005, B-Legit brings it back to the block.

In a conversation with AllHipHop.com, B-Legit waxes Bay politics, beat-downs, touches on South and West ridas, and reveals just how gangsta his buddy Jadakiss is out East. For everybody that ever admired the curves on a ’72 Cutlass or kept it extra Clickalicious, this one’s for y’all!

AllHipHop.com: What is the Block Movement?

B-Legit: The Block Movement is this: When I first got in the game the core audience was the block. That’s who we made this music for. As time moved on, the music changed and took a couple of twists. After the death of Tupac and Biggie, a lot of people were not too hip on listening to gangster music. The radio began to dictate which type of music got played. So, if you had a gangster song, there wasn’t anyway it was going to get on the radio. They tended to play more Ja Rule stuff- tryin’ to keep everybody at peace. That thing kinda took over. I was like “Man, that’s not what this was about. It was about the block.” So, I’m trying to bring the block back. If I did anything else, I’d be outta my zone, trying to imitate something that I don’t really do.

AllHipHop.com: I think proof of this lies in “Knock His Ass Out”. It’s also proof that you are an O.G. All the young cats now are so afraid to squabble and scuffle like we did way back. Today everybody is reaching for the AK to spray. What made you do that song?

B-Legit: Back in the day, me and my cousins, we were pretty big guys. We were raised country style. If you had a problem with a cat, you take it to the field and get ‘em up. You don’t have to kill a n***a [laughs]. Just beat his ass. If you get yo’ ass beat it’s all good. There’s another day. You can come back. That’s what it was really about. Other people forced the other s***t into it. I guess they cowards. So, if they don’t wanna get ‘em up, they bring a gun into it. What’s wrong with a good old fashioned ass whoopin’?

There’s always somebody in the club. They see you in the club tryin’ to be in your own zone. Tryin’ to get your groove on. But they just keep on talkin’ and keep messin’ with ya. Then they spill their drink on you. You ain’t got to kill him. Just knock him out, drag him out and let the party go on.

AllHipHop.com: Do you have a personal favorite knock out story for me?

B-Legit: I got one. But it was way back though. We used to drink a lot of 40’s back in the day. They used to turn us into the Incredible Hulk. Have us thinkin’ we was real strong. We used to do real stupid s**t like walking into bars and stealin’ [giving big punches to the jaw] on people.

We used to do that at this place called the wharf. It’s a military bar. Military people liked to drink to. We’d be outside drinkin’ 40’s. They’d be inside drinking shots or whatever. Somehow, we met out in the parking lot. We tried to shake their hand. They thought they were too good. We just started poundin’ on them [chuckles]. It was stupid. But you live to tell about that- ya know what I mean?

AllHipHop.com: On most of your previous LPs’ you busted over mid to down tempo beats- ‘cause that’s very Bay-ish. But on this one you have a lot of club bangers with strong hooks. Was that a conscious move, or just the evolution of B-Legit?

B-Legit: It was a conscious move. I’m in the club a lot. I wanna hear my joints in the club. Back in the day, they’d p

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