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Hip-Hop News: Mobile Industry Gains Notorious B.I.G. Music
Over 60 of the rappers biggest hits are now made available for wireless phones.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
12/2/2005 5:38:36 PM

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The late Notorious B.I.G. is about to become a massive presence in the ringtone world, as the entire mobile community has joined forces for an unprecedented campaign starring the legendary rapper. In anticipation of the eagerly awaited December 20th Bad Boy Records release of NOTORIOUS B.I.G. DUETS: THE FINAL CHAPTER, today, December 1st, marks the launch of 'B.I.G. Mobile Month' - as both the new album and B.I.G.'s biggest catalog hits have been transformed into a remarkable array of over 60 ringtones custom-tailored for the wireless world.

Highlighting this groundbreaking event is a huge selection of exclusive made-for-mobile content. Contrary to the vast majority of ringtones, which are often simply excerpts of the original track, the B.I.G. ringtones have been constructed through hours and hours of meticulous selection and editing. The result is a menu rich with the Notorious B.I.G.'s most compelling rhymes, classic verses, and instrumental hooks, all picked and designed specifically with the mobile user in mind.

In addition to ringtones from the new DUETS album, there is a vast selection of ringtones culled from his previous albums - READY TO DIE, LIFE AFTER DEATH, and BORN AGAIN. Custom ringtones have been created from 26 different Notorious B.I.G. songs.

The Notorious B.I.G. ringtones, including ringback tones and video ringers, will be available across multiple carriers - including all wireless partners, ringtone portals, and Premium SMS services. Each carrier has developed its own unique marketing roll-out in support of 'B.I.G. Mobile Month' - including multiple contests; online and email campaigns - print, radio, television advertising - street marketing; and numerous special promotions. The result is a groundbreaking, industry-wide campaign of unprecedented scope and consumer exposure.

'Big was and still is a huge presence who has had a major influence on modern music and culture,' said Bad Boy Entertainment founder and CEO Sean 'Diddy' Combs. 'It is only fitting that his music now takes on a new life with ringtones, the newest use of music made popular by our kids. Ringtones are all about making personal statements and personal connections, and with this new ringtone catalog, Big's millions of fans will be able to select the moments that have meant the most to them. Big came up from the streets, and his presence will now be felt on the streets more than ever, as he becomes part of the fabric of people’s daily lives. The fact that competing mobile companies have come together as never before to be part of the Notorious B.I.G. ringtone campaign just proves how powerful and charismatic he and his music remain. Once again, Big has become bigger than life.'

'Big gave so much of himself to hip-hop that it changed the way we walked, talked, and stereotyped the typical rap artist. Everything he did was B.I.G., and now his music is transforming the way the mobile platform can be used to reach fans and herald the release of a new album,' said Kevin Liles, Executive Vice President, WMG. 'This unique musical offering is another milestone in WMG's efforts to provide consumers with the widest array of music products in the mobile space. It's a fitting tribute to the stature of Big's legacy that the wireless world is providing a launch of such magnitude.'

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