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Hip-Hop News: Daz Dillinger Tours Solo
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Daz Dillinger
Samplin' to the Beat of the Drum (2005)
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
11/18/2005 9:13:00 AM

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Multi-Platinum rapper and producer has signed with So So Def, and expects multitudes of success.
 Daz has been stirring up major buzz and press for the new independently released album, Dillinger & Young Gotti II: The Saga Continuez. In fact with little to no promotion, the album has charted #23 on Billboard's independent charts. In addition, Daz continues to be part of his cousin Snoop Dogg’s projects, and will now release his long awaited solo career with the single "All That I Need". The track has been getting tremendous airplay on West Coast radio stations and even east coast DJs are creating a frenzy around the new hit single.
 The West Coast has asked for it, and now they can finally see Daz Dillinger in a solo light.
 Daz Dillinger explains, "I am really glad to be more visible. I haven't left the game. I just took a role behind the scenes. But this tour is a clear indication that I am beginning to turn on my career as a solo artist." Daz further explains, "I think we need it. I think that the West Coast can provide the world with more reality rap." Dillinger continues, "I don't think the world of Hip Hop is comfortable with our type of music because we are so honest in our artistic expression. When we are beat by the police we say F*&#! The Police!. I think that they want us to be happy with talking about how good it is to be rich, but they don't want us to talk about how our hands are bloody getting there. I want to provide a dosage of reality for America again." Daz Dillinger's buzz has been so tremendous because he is one of the most important members of the West Coast empires. He is expected to graduate into the West Coast ambassador because everyone from that tight knit circle has claimed instant success: Tupac and then Snoop, and now Daz Dillinger.
 Jermaine Dupri's known as the industry's hit maker, has a lot of hits in store for this legend. Daz Dillinger explains, "JD is a hit maker. Regardless of your opinions about him, he knows how to make hits. And as a fellow producer, I want that same type of high quality that I give to artists to be apart of my project and program." This CD So So Gangster is going to be so raw. Not just raw for gangsters, but raw for anyone who loves the truth and who are tired of the bubble gum music. Those who would like a dose of the truth can expect it from this CD.
 Daz is currently on a promo tour:
 11/15/2005: Las Vegas: KLUC, KVEG
 11/16/2005: Los Angeles: KPWR, KKBT, KDAY
 11/17/2005: San Diego: z90, XMOR
 11/18/2005: Bakersfield: KISV, KBDS, KSEQ, KBOS
 11/19/2005: N. California: KHTN, KWIN, KSFM, KBMB

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