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Hip-Hop News: Jet Li Film 'Unleashed' Released Today
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
10/11/2005 10:37:04 AM

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Global martial arts superstar Jet Li stars in the gripping action film Unleashed, coming to DVD, UMD and VHS and an unrated extended edition on DVD on October 11, 2005 from Universal Studios Home Entertainment.  Celebrated a cavity award winner Morgan Freeman and Oscar nominee Bob Hoskins also star in this brilliantly directed edgy, adrenaline fueled style spectacular by Louis Leterrier.  Unleashed combines stunning martial arts sequences with a riveting and compelling story.  Choreographed by master fight coordinator Yuen Wo Ping, whose credits include all three matrix films and Kill Bill Vols 1 and 2, the state-of-the-art action is set against the heart pounding soundtrack from multiplatinum hip-hop star RZA and Massive Attack.

Unleash tells the suspenseful story of Danny (Jet Li), an unrivaled martial arts expert enslaved by a vicious gangster (Hoskins) who uses him as a human attack dog to terrorize his victims.  Morgan Freeman is Sam, a warm-hearted blind man who befriends Danny and tries to show him another side of life.  But renouncing his old existence won't be easy for Danny, especially when his brutal former master unleashes an army of killers to track them down.  Loaded with exciting bonus features, the DVD is priced at 2998 SRP, as are the UMD and VHS versions. 

America's top critics have heaped two-fisted praise on Unleashed. "Jet Li is action poetry in motion! He lets fly with his fists and feet of fury," writes Peter Travers of Rolling Stone while People's Leah Rozen lauds the film's "Bone-crushing fight scenes," adding "Jet Li swings into mesmerizing action."

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