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Hip-Hop News: Federal Grand Jury Subpoenas Beanie Sigel
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Posted by Dave
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10/7/2005 8:08:54 PM

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Rap and hip-hop artist Beanie Sigel was subpoenaed by a federal grand jury yesterday, as authorities seek information on the murder of his stepfather and abduction of an associate. 
Sigel’s lawyer Fortunato Perri Jr. confirmed that the chart topping rapper will appear before the federal grand jury next week.
The rapper’s stepfather Sam Derry, was found shot to death earlier this week. His body was then dumped in an alley in the West Oak Lane section of Philadelphia and set ablaze.
The following day, an associate of Derry’s and former cellmate named Wallace “Tom” Moody, was abducted at gunpoint. 
Moody told police his captors tortured him for hours. He was burnt with a propane torch and struck with a gun and shovel for hours by the assailants, who were seeking drugs and money. 
"I told them I wasn't in the game anymore. They kept telling me that I better make some calls," Moody said in his statement to police. 
Moody also told local reporters the men were seeking a drug dealer driving a Cadillac Escalade.
Police are investigating whether or not the beating and the murder of Sigel’s stepfather are related. 
When Moody surfaced, police promptly arrested him for violating his parole, after they found a gun in his house. 
In late September, Sigel was acquitted of attempted murder, stemming from a 2003 shooting in front of a Philadelphia bar. 
According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the grand jury subpoena is in relation to a totally different investigation and has nothing to do with the kidnapping or the murder of Sigel’s stepfather.

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