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Hip-Hop News: Beanie Sigel's Stepfather Found Murdered
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Posted by Dave
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10/5/2005 2:44:27 PM

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Sources close the police have revealed that of a burned body was found dumped in the Philadelphia Alley which was later revealed as the stepfather of rap and hip-hop artist Beanie Sigel.

Sam Derry, the stepfather of the rap artist, was identified positively even though he was burned very badly.  Initially the body could not be determined to be a specific race, reports local NBC 10.

The body of Derry was found the morning of Tuesday the fourth in the West Oak Lane area of Philadelphia, police investigators later discovered the body had been a victim of murder with multiple gunshot wounds visible.  Investigators also theorize that he was killed in a different location and later taken to the West Oak area to be found.

NBC 10 witnesses claimed to have seen a white SUV or divan dump the body in a remote alley. “Seen a van drive up. I saw two -- I saw two people dragging something, three people just dragging something into the trash,” the witness said. "I seen a -- I heard a whoosh, a big whoosh and then all of a sudden it was this fire. I said, 'Oh, they're putting the trash on fire back here.' But I said, 'Oh, my goodness, that's no trash, that's a body.'"

The police were soon called after body parts had been seen by the witness.

According to public record dairy was acquitted of murder in 1985, but didn't offer an explanation for the motive to the crime or reason for the mutilation of the body.

“It’s the same thing everywhere,” he said of the violence he raps about. “People talk about it like it’s a new thing. It’s always been here, but people didn’t get that chance or that opportunity to talk that. It’s the same thing anywhere.”

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