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Hip-Hop News: Lil Kim Faces First Day In Prison Today
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Posted by Dave
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9/19/2005 12:58:45 PM

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Rapper Lil' Kim is scheduled to begin her prison sentence of one year and one day today, punishment for a perjury conviction. She was convicted of lying to a federal grand jury to protect friends involved in a 2001 gun battle outside a Manhattan radio station.
 Lloyd and Antoine "Banger" Spain, Brooklyn rappers who once teamed with Kim in the Junior M.A.F.I.A. group, testified at her trial earlier this year that they saw her at WQHT, the Manhattan rap station known as Hot 97, with her manager and a friend she denied seeing.
 The rapper told the grand jury she did not notice two of her close friends at the scene of the shootout - her manager, Damion Butler, and Suif Jackson, known as "Gutta." Both have pleaded guilty to gun charges.
 Jurors at Lil' Kim's trial saw radio station security photos that depicted Butler opening a door for the rap star, and two witnesses who once made records with Lil' Kim said they saw her at the station with Butler and Jackson.
 Lil' Kim, 30, was the sidekick and mistress of the late Notorious B.I.G. As a solo artist, she has become known for her revealing outfits and suggestive lyrics. She won a Grammy in 2001 for her part in the hit remake of "Lady Marmalade."

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