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M-Dash AKA Smokey Robinson
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M-Dash: Po, Broke & Hungry (2004)
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Posted by Dave
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9/14/2005 9:36:26 AM

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Release date: N/A
1. Hold You Down - Feat Young Dru
2. Poodles- Feat Tilt & Flex
    Ric Roc Drop
3. They Don't Want This - Feat Stizon Skrilla
    DJ Backside Drop
    PSD Drop
4. Ike Jr. - Feat - Stizon Skrilla
    PB Drop
5. I'm Worth It - Feat PB
    Awax Drop
6. Losin Aint A Option - Feat Tilt
    Mista Fab Drop
7. I Wanna Know
    Brotha Lynch Drop
8. Squares - Tilt Feat Mdash
    Frank Nitty Drop
    Lil Ric Drop
9. When I move - Produced By Tatem 1
10.You Already Know
     Smigg Dirtee Drop
     Lee Majors Drop
11.Dummy ILL - Feat Lee Majors - Produced By Remy
12.My Pole
13.Its Platinum - Feat Louie McGraw - Produced By The Beat Machine
     JT the Bigga Figga Drop
     Rhianna Drop
14.Can't Wait
     Walker B Drop
     Playa Rae Drop
15.Frustrated - Feat Lee Majors
16. All Over Wit
17. Young Mommas - Produced By Remy
18. Problem Solver - Feat Louie Mcgraw
     Young Dru Drop
19. Heat For the Streets - Feat Stizon Skrilla and Tilt- Produced By Tatem 1
     KMX Drop
20.Blow Pounds - Feat KMX
21.Green On Mine - Feat Stizon Skrilla
     Walker B Drop
22. Felonioso - Sweet Willie White Shoes - Produced By Mo Love
23. Felonius Thang - Produced By Mo Love
     Sac Town Radio Drop
24. Selfish - Feat Lee Majors
     Rux Drop
25. Pimpin Azz - Feat Sweet Willie White Shoes - Produced By Mo Love
     Remy Drop
26. Say Oooooh - Produced By EQ
     Sean T Drop
27. Goin Down - Feat Mac Mall and Daz
     Metal Mouth Drop
28. Prohoezak Outro
*Features: Daz, Mac Mall,  Stizon Skrilla, Lee Majors, Tilt, Louie McGraw, KMX, Sweet Willie White Shoes, Young Dru
*Drops From: Ric Roc, Brotha Lynch, Sean T, Mista Fab, JT The Bigga Figga, Awax, Lil Ric, PSD, Rux, Playa Rae, Walker B, Smigg Dirtee, Metal Mouth, Rhianna, Remy, Sac Town Radio, Rhiaana, DJ Back Side
*Producers: Tatem 1, Remy, Mo Love, The Beat Machine
Project Cordinator: Mdash
Recorded at: Side Industry Studios
Mixed at: Side Industry Studios
Mixed By: RJ Ruben R

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