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Hip-Hop News: Rap Artist Game Rejects Link To Shooting
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
9/5/2005 2:50:43 PM

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US rap star The Game has said he was evicted from a fashion event because organisers suspected he was involved in a hip-hop shooting at the weekend.
 The Game said he was kicked out of a fashion convention in Las Vegas three days after label boss Marion "Suge" Knight was shot in the leg in Miami. 
"They were scared there was going to be some drama, but I don't know why they would be scared," The Game said. 
He said he had "nothing to do" with the shots at a party before the MTV Awards. 
The Game - real name Jayceon Taylor - had been due to launch his new trainer, The Hurricane, at the Magic Marketplace at the Las Vegas Convention Center on Tuesday. 
Police said Knight was in a "good condition" after the shooting. "They had a lot of state police exit us right out of the building," he said. 
People were trying to link him to the shooting because both he and Knight were from Los Angeles and had gang connections, he said. 
He was at the party where Knight was shot, but did not see him, he said. 
"It's a very embarrassing situation for myself, my management, and my whole family," he added. 
A spokesperson for the company which represents the fashion convention said she was unaware of the incident. 
A shooting outside a New York radio station in February was linked to a feud between The Game and his mentor, 50 Cent. 
Meanwhile, police have said the investigation into the attack on Knight was being hampered by the lack of witnesses. 
"We don't have any physical description," Miami Beach police spokesman Bobby Hernandez told the Miami Herald. 
"We don't know how many subjects were involved, which is mind-boggling with all those people around." 
Elliott Wilson, editor-in-chief of rap magazine XXL, said there was a "vicious cycle" of distrust between the police and the hip-hop community. 
"It's disturbing that someone can let off six shots in a packed club and can escape without being arrested," he said.
 "The hip-hop community doesn't trust the police to confide info to them, and in turn the police have done little to make us feel like they give a damn about our safety." 

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