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Hip-Hop News: Rap & Hip-Hop Mogul Suge Knight Shot In The Leg
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Posted by Dave
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8/28/2005 11:45:35 AM

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Suge Knight was partying it up at a party hosted by hip-hop artist Kanye West when shots were fired and wounded the rap mogul in the upper leg. Police say Suge Knight, 40, was hospitalized in good condition.  The party was taking place at the Red Room of the swanky Sky Bar at the Shore Club Hotel in Miami.

A woman who asked to remain anonymous said it was crazy because [Knight] was all alone looking at some girls and all of a sudden they got crazy and there was all of this shooting.

Frederick Williams stated he heard a pop there was an altercation and they were pushed out. He stated that he made sure Kanye a was okay.

Police declined to tell if anyone was arrested immediately after the shooting. They are looking for a black male with a pink shirt for questioning.

The party actually kept going for a while in the hotel's pool area before cops showed up and closed the event down.

The party was held as a pre-party for tonight's MTV video music awards.

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