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Hip-Hop News: Miri Ben-Ari Hooks Up With Reebok
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Posted by Dave
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8/26/2005 1:48:14 PM

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The revered shoe and clothing company, Reebok, is making substantial efforts to continue building their “I Am What I Am” advertising campaign. Reebok, which was just recently purchased by another reputable fashion conglomerate, Adidas, is now pushing this campaign to a global level. Miri Ben-Ari, known as the “Hip Hop Violinist,” and the unconventional English hip hop artist, The Streets, have been slated to join the campaign force.
 “I Am What I Am” was initially created by the New York advertising agency Mcgarrybowen. A link was established with Reebok and they are now in the process of their largest marketing spend in over a decade by using athlete and music pop icons to attract the attention of younger generations and consumers. Such individuals include Nelly, Allen Iverson, Jay Z, Stevie Williams, Curt Schilling, Yao Ming, others. Ben-Ari and The Streets are not only the most recent additions, but also bring attention to other sections of the world.
 Miri Ben-Ari is most famous for her complementing violin work on songs with Twista, Kanye West, Janet Jackson, Brittany Spears, and many others. The Israel native is originally from a small town near Tel Aviv and has grown from a classical and jazz student into hip hop’s first well-known strings instrumentalist. Dennis Baldwin, Reebok’s chief marketing officer, said: “Reebok is to partner with Miri because she is such a creative force in the evolution of Hip-Hop. As a true pioneer in the music world, Miri perfectly embodies our brand’s ‘I Am What I Am’ platform of authenticity and individuality.”
 As for the Birmingham, England rapper, “The Streets,” he is a less suspecting candidate for this advert campaign. Musically, his first break came in 2000 with the release of Original Pirate Material. However, it was 2004’s A Grand Don’t Come For Free that helped cement his name with fans weary of today’s heavy rotation hip hop and looking for artists with a style and sound all their own.

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