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Hip-Hop News: Dame Dash's Mercedes Crashed Into
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Posted by Dave
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8/25/2005 3:58:15 PM

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Yesterday, rapper Dame Dash's Mercedes-Benz was wrecked near Times Square, New York after a road rage incident sparked a reckless ride that also dragged a cop down the block and mowed down six pedestrians. 
The incident took place on Broadway in Manhattan, New York and had people diving to avoid a racing SUV, a Honda CR-V, smashing anything in its path. 
"If I didn't get up and jump as far as I can, I wouldn't be here right now talking to you," victim Kevin Jones told New York's Daily News while being rushed into an ambulance with a bandaged ankle. 
Sources say the incident was caused by a heated argument at 2:30 p.m. between two drivers on Broadway, north of W. 40th Street. NYPD Lieutenant John McAndrew noticed the dispute and approached the vehicles when a transparent envelope with white powder believed to be cocaine fell out of the car of driver Hugo Palomino, 51. 
According to authorities, Palomino, of Westchester County then sped off and headed down Broadway dragging Lt. McAndrew from the side door of the vehicle. 
"Half of his body was out the window and the other half was inside," Dwight Hayes, 36, told Daily News. 
As McAndrew struggled to control the car, the SUV ran a red light, hit an armored car and crashed into Dash's Mercedes-Benz. A shirtless Dash reportedly ran out of the 1411 Broadway building to check damage on his vehicle. The Honda then continued speeding, jumped the curb and rolled across Golda Meir Plaza between W. 39th and W. 40th Streets where dozens of people were outside. The truck finally stopped when it struck a big planter. Six people suffered minor injuries. 
Palomino, who has previously been arrested for drunk driving, got out of the SUV and began running on Broadway. Officers caught up to him on Sixth Avenue and 39th Street. 
Palomino was charged with drug possession, leaving the scene of an accident and assault. His passenger, Victoria Chasen, 27, of Manhattan was charged with drug possession. Authorities also discovered a three-quarters full bottle of Belvedere vodka in the Honda.

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