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Hip-Hop News: Rap Producer Daz Dillinger Interview
Dogg Pound group member and solo producer Daz Dillinger speaks to RNN.
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Daz Dillinger
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
8/24/2005 2:31:51 PM

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  1. What do you miss most about producing for 2Pac?
    Getting my money. (laughs) nah, just all the good and fun times.
  2. Recently in the Source, you stated that Kurupt, Snoop and your self have started working together like nothing happened in the past. Can you give us more details?
    Coming out with the DPGC album. Its an album that Snoop put together. I am coming out with my own album called Dillinger and Young Gotti with me and Kurupt.
  3. Is Nate Dogg or any Dogg Pound members gonna be featured on any of your new albums?
    Yeah, that’s on Snoop’s album. The DPGC album.
  4. Do you and Kurupt still have a working relationship?
    Yeah. It will never stop. We could be mad at each other for 50 years. Once we get back in the studio it the same flavor.
  5. When 2Pac was shot in Las Vegas, what went through you mind?
    Shit. Bullshit. Like who did it.
  6. Did you think that he was gonna come out of the shooting alive? Or did you have a feeling that he wasn’t gonna make it?
    After hearing everything about it, I didn’t think so. They said he was in critical condition.
  7. Where were you when you found out that 2Pac was shot in Vegas?
    Me and Snoop and everybody were are Echo Sounds recording studio.
  8. How did you and Suge Knight first meet? Who hooked you up with him?
    Snoop hooked me up. I was producing for a girl named Paradise which was Suge’s girlfriend. I started producing more stuff and I got on (Dr. Dre’s) The Chronic, and its history from there.
  9. What is your current relationship with Suge Knight?
    Fuck em. He’ll do his thing, I’ll do my thing.
  10. How did you get on Dr. Dre’s The Chronic?
    Just being around. We made (inaudible). Snoop asked me to write a verse for it and I did and that’s where we started.
  11. You produced a lot of songs on 2Pac’s All Eyez On Me. If you had to narrow it down, what are the top 3 songs you produced on the album?
    Ambitionz As A Ridah, Ain’t Nothing But A Gangsta Party, I Ain’t Mad A Cha
  12. Do you still receive royalties from current sales of All Eyez On Me?
    Yeah, I sure do.
  13. Does Suge Knight still own the Dogg Pound name?
    Nope, not at all.
  14. What was the result of the case Afeni Shakur brought against you regarding the release of the album Makaveli & Dillinger?
    I gave her the lyrics to all the songs I had. I gave her all the masters. I sold them to her.
  15. Has producing been something that you knew you were interested in since a young age, or did it fall into place later on in your rapping career?
    I was a DJ first. I went under the name DJ Young Jedi. Star Wars type shit. I’d be cutting it up. I started DJ’ing in the park with 2 turntables from VIP records.
  16. What advice would you give a DJ who wants to follow your footsteps?
    Shit, to get in the game you gotta travel first. Its all about traveling and meeting people. Just traveling and getting lost to find yourself out of all of it. Going to all the functions, staying in the mix.
  17. Who got you interested in producing? Who has inspired you over the years?
    First of all Dr. Dre, Warren G, then myself. You have to be a person who wants to do it.
  18. What did you think about the Snoop Dogg TV show on MTV?
    It was cool. It was breaking barriers. It was something fresh, new. It was like an era in time, something that you can always look back and say “I did that.”
  19. If you saw a

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