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Hip-Hop News: Gangsta Rap Music Is Not Always Bad
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
8/22/2005 10:57:58 AM

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What's up Brotha? I just had a few words to ponder. My thoughts today are on two subjects in the world of HIP HOP. One is the glorification of negativity that leads to self-destruction for those who choose to follow the self destructive behaviors that are made to look cool when it is actually another form of genocide.
 Not to name any rappers in particular, but I can't seem to understand why someone would be given an opportunity to have the whole world listen to them and not say anything positive or should I say why would they glorify the negative. I'm speaking of the artist who make it seem cool to sleep around, it's cool to bust your gun, it's cool to hate a brotha, it's cool to disrespect women, and lastly but not least, it's cool to sell a drug.
 Let's see, sleeping around can result in H.I.V, unwanted babies with NO FATHER around, which is another issue itself. Busting your gun can get you locked up in jail or prison where you can achieve no dreams and you are of no help to your family and loved ones. Disrespecting your woman or any other woman is like disrespecting your mom, aunt, grandmother, great grandmother, and any other strong women who helped you get to where you at in life. Should I even speak on where selling drugs have gotten us?
 Now I understand how therapeutic writing can be, because I'm a poet, and I know sometimes it's gonna be some negativity, but when you are speaking to millions of people around the world, we must be aware of the responsibility that comes along with that.
 Secondly if the street lifestyle was that good the rappers wouldn't have started rapping. I have no problem with someone speaking on their past if they are trying to inform the audience of the route it can lead to, or even if they are expressing the pain that comes along with that, but just to glorify it and leave it with a beautiful ending without expressing the repercussions I feel that is very irresponsible. The rappers have to realize that they are role models, just as much as an athlete or an actor is, and what they say does make a difference and can have an impact on a child, a teenager and even some adults.
 Now, to my second topic. Even though some rappers glorify this negativity I do think it's very important that people (like Al Sharpton, local and state government, the FCC, pastors in the communities and anyone else who complains about the lyrics) take the time to see why these brothas are talking about sexism, drugs, guns, racism, black on black crime, hatred for yourself unless you rich, and so on in their music. Aside from the record label convincing them that this is what sells, I also think this should be looked at as a battle cry to America (by young black men) that is being ignored. No matter if we like them expressing this stuff or not, these are real issues Davey D.
 I live in Chicago and I see them everyday. And I think it's a cop-out for the powers that be to spend more time reflecting on cleaning up the art than cleaning up the communities. Art is a reflection of the times. The art reflects reality and everyone can't be a Common or KRS1, because everyone expresses themselves different. Some people go through the ghetto experience and become closer to God, some sway to the streets and the wrong things, but we all are saying one thing deep down, "THIS IS WHAT WE GOING THROUGH AMERICA"... So my second point is really reflected towards the black leaders, the politicians, and all the powers at be who are putting so much effort to correct the art, but so little effort to correct the society itself. If they are mad about the kids talking about guns and drugs in their music, let's quit puttin' all these guns and drugs in the neighborhoods, let's put forth more effort to create safe neighborhoods, let's put more emphasis on education than guns and drugs to the teens, let's show them the benefits of a high scho

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