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Hip-Hop News: Lil Jon Has Harsh Words For TVT
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Posted by Dave
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8/16/2005 11:51:09 AM

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Lil Jon recently lashed out at TVT Records, its president and confirmed that he would never record for the independent label again. 
Back in late June, reports surfaced that Lil Jon was looking to split from TVT and that he wouldn't promote any more singles from his double platinum album, Crunk Juice. In a recent interview with Ozone Magazine, Jon vented on his label situation. 
"TVT are some beeyatches. In case ya'll didn't know, I'll never record an another album for TVT again. I don't fuck with [TVT Records owner] Steve Gottlieb," Jon told the mag. "He don't know how to pay people and take care of the people that helped take his label to another level. You've gotta take care of people that helped you make money and basically made your company and made other artists wanna come to your label." 
Upon being asked if Gottlieb was shortchanging the multiplatinum producer, Jon responded that he wasn't "getting sh!t." 
"I've had record sales totaling probably like 10 million and I ain't seen no money from the label. None at all. Zip, zero. Show money and production is how I'm getting paid," Jon revealed to the publication before adding that he was in the process of taking legal action against Gottlieb. "People hide things and claim there are reasons why you ain't getting your money. But it's all bullsh!t." 

Earlier this year, rumors spread that tension between Jon and Usher caused the "Lovers & Friends" video to never materialize. Yet, the King of Crunk shared that TVT, Def Jam and Jive were responsible for sabotaging the hit song's potential video. 
"That was the labels again. When you got a song from three superstars from three different labels, everybody wants the best for their artists," Jon offered. "The situation just never got worked out."

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