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Hip-Hop News: Case Against Snoop Dogg Dropped
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
8/11/2005 12:31:52 PM

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An Emmy-winning makeup artist who accused rap and hip hop star Snoop Dogg and his posse of drugging and sexually assaulting her backstage at a 2003 taping of ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live dropped her lawsuit against the rapper on Wednesday. 
Per court documents, a lawyer for the woman, Kylie Bell, filed a motion with a Los Angeles judge requesting the complaint be dismissed "with prejudice," meaning the suit cannot be re-filed. 
At the same time, Snoop, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, dropped a pre-emptive suit he had filed against Bell in December 2004, alleging that she had tried to extort more than $5 million from the hip-hopster by threatening to sell her story to a tabloid. 
In a statement, Bell said "the matter has been resolved amicably." 
Snoop Dogg's publicist, Meredith O'Sullivan, told the Associated Press that the 33-year-old Doggfather did not pay any money to his accuser, but refused to divulge further specifics about the deal that led to the withdrawal of the suits. 
Bell, who won an Emmy in 2002 for her work on HBO's Six Feet Under, filed a complaint in February claiming that she was hired by the Grammy winner to apply and remove his makeup during a multi-day guest-hosting stint on Kimmel's show at the El Capitan theater in January 2003. 
On the final night of taping, Bell alleged that she saw copious amounts of marijuana and champagne lying around and witnessed Snoop snort cocaine. 
She claimed that at a party later that night, one of the rap star's cohorts gave her what she thought was champagne. After drinking it, Bell felt she "could not move very well" and lost control of her body. According to her suit, she was subsequently raped and sexually assaulted by Snoop and three other men in what Bell described as a "party atmosphere" backstage at the talkfest. 
Bell said she waited two years to come forward with her allegations because the men told her not to go to the police and she was afraid for her safety due to Snoop's alleged gang ties. 
After suffering severe "emotional distress and anxiety issues" over the alleged incident and being unable to work as a result, Bell ran out of money. She then contacted ABC Vice President Jean Zoeller and told her she had been assaulted on the show and planned to go to police. 
Zoeller began picking up her medical expenses with checks not affiliated with ABC or Kimmel's show, but stopped sending them after Bell refused to hire a lawyer the exec recommended who serves as counsel for the show. 
Belll ended up hospitalized for psychiatric problems in September 2003, at which point Snoop reluctantly took over paying her living expenses with "naive hope" that she might not pursue a case against him, according to his court papers. 
Eventually he discontinued the payments after out-of-court negotiations between Bell's legal camp and lawyers for the artist and ABC parent Disney broke down. 
Snoop then filed a pre-emptive lawsuit accusing a "Jane Doe" of trying to exort $5 million from him, perhaps hoping that his choice not to identify Bell by name would deter her from taking legal action. 
However, Bell wouldn't be deterred. Two months later, she went ahead with a complaint seeking $25 million in damages--$5 million for allegations of sexual assault, rape and negligence and an additional $20 million in punitive damages. 
After the suit's filing, Snoop appeared on CNN's Larry King Live to defend himself, calling the accusations false, and offering to take a lie detector test to prove his innocence. 
Now it looks like he won't have to. According to a statement from the makeup artist the matter has been "resolved amicably".

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