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Hip-Hop News: Master P. Announces 'Ghetto Bill'
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Posted by Dave
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6/22/2005 1:26:45 PM

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Rap artist Master P. is returning to his independent roots with the release of his 11th album Ghetto Bill: The Best Hustler In The Game.
 According to P., who started independent and went major for several of his releases, returning to his independent roots more lucrative.
 “An artist on a major might sell a million and only get a check for $50,000 after budgets," Master P. told “I get a million for every $100,000 I sell, that's hustling.”
 Master P. stated that in his current situation with Koch, one of the leading distributors of independent record labels, there was no pressure on his New No Limit.
 "We don’t care about Billboard charting or the fame," said Master P, whose No Limit and New No Limit imprints have sold over 75 million records.
 "If it don’t make dollars it don’t make sense," said P. "That’s why I’m the best hustler in the game.”
 Ghetto Bill: The Best Hustler In The Game hits stores tomorrow on New No Limit/Koch.

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