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Hip-Hop News: Rap Artist C-Bo Out of Jail 6-22
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
6/21/2005 6:11:39 PM

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West Coast Mafia Records CEO Shawn ‘C-Bo’ Thomas will be released from Avenal State Prison tomorrow June 22nd.


The west coast rap artist, C-Bo, has had his troubles with the law over the years and now it is time to move on. No longer will Avenal State Prisoner # V44269 exist.


C-Bo has worked with everyone in the hip-hop and rap industry from Tupac to E-40, Jayo Felony, and South Central Cartel – the list is endless.


C-Bo, which is short for Cowboy; was there from the start of the west coast rap and gangsta rap scene. He is probably the most under-rated rapper on the west coast. In the 90’s he released at least one album a year.


Always controversial C-Bo will be a welcomed addition to what is going on in the west now. The revitalization of the west coast sound is just what this legend needs after his short vacation away from the game.


C-Bo’s release announces rapid activity in the West Coast Mafia camp.


News of albums from West Coast Mafia for the rest of 2005 include Young Bleed / New Album 'Rise Thru Da Ranks' / In Stores on August 23 th..


C-Bo the legendary west coast rap artist is to drop an album in 2005 Killa Tay will also release an album in 2005 and West Side Ryders Vol. 2 will be released in 2005.


So make no mistake C-Bo is back and he is ready to ignite the west coast and the rap scene in general in the way only he can.Find out more about C-Bo. Other items you may find on C-Bo include updates, news, multimedia, chat, links and more. Click here...

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