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Hip-Hop News: Siri Khalsa the Hip-Hop Photographer
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Posted by Robert
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6/12/2005 12:19:12 PM

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We have all heard of the hip-hop violinist, the hip-hop DJ, the hip-and rap artists; but what about the hip-hop photographer.


The photos of the top hip-hop and rap stars are looked at by many. We all enjoy seeing shots of our favorite artists out and performing. The ‘head’ shots and publicity stills are collected and used by many; fans and media alike.


News organizations from print media to the internet are glad to get ‘fresh’ photos of the Hip-Hop artists. Unique photos of the hip-hop cultures ‘elite’ are loved by everyone.


Many of us may not think about where those pictures come from or who is behind that camera. The lens can take that moment and preserve it into history but who is in control of the lens?


Siri Khalsa is one of those artist who directs her lens on the faces of many of the hip-hop cultures ‘elite’. She is the owner of Mia Digital Photography a firm who is taking some of the best pictures available of today’s rap artists and those associated in the hip-hop culture.


Her look would lead you to think she is just a beautiful woman but as you can read in this interview, here is a strong intelligent woman on a mission to succeed. Gaining every ounce of respect and appreciation she has received to this point.


Making the decision that her destiny was in her own hands, she has decided to reach for her dream to be recognized as an artist.


Her photos are amazing and she has an eye and a relationship with the camera lens. That is apparent in her work.


Her story is as unique as her work is.’s Robert sat down to talk to Siri Khalsa about life as a artist and the road led to her company MIA Digital.

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