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Celly Cel
The Hillside Stranglaz (2006)
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
5/31/2005 6:48:47 PM

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We have told you earlier that well loved and admired west coast rap artist Celly Cel is about to once again bring the streets alive. This time with a DVD, to be released August 2nd


The name of the DVD has now been officially announced. ‘Rap Life – Behind The Scenes’ is just the newest release planned for west coast legend Celly Cel.


Just 3 months ago he dropped his fifth studio album’ "It'z Real Out Here”, featuring guest appearances from hip-hop and rap artists E-40, W.C., Federation, Jay Tee, Juvenile and  Celly’s group Hillside Stranglaz.


Being on the grind in the rap and hip-hop game since 1994, and staying busy is how Celly has ‘survived’. With a recently released album and other duties as CEO of his own record label Realside Records, it is hard to imagine that there is another drop coming from him so soon.


This DVD is sure to make a mark on the streets.


Come take a ride with West Coast Rap Legend Celly Cel as he gives you an up close and personal look into the life of a rap star.


Follow Celly to live performances, radio interviews, autograph signings, night clubs, and functions with some of today’s hottest rap artists, NFL players and actors.


See what the girls really do when the camera is on them.


When asked the rap legend Celly says “You wanted to know what it’s l

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