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Hip-Hop News: Tupac Annual Birthday Celebration
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Posted by Robert
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5/11/2005 5:55:25 PM

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Tha Havenotz, was originally started by and consisting of Tupac Shakur; Yaki Kadafi and Sardar Khan aka Candyman 187. Due to the untimely demise of Tupac Shakur and Yaki Kadafi in 1996, the group’s music came to an unexpected halt. Since then Candyman 187 and Yaasmyn Fula (mother of Yaki Kadafi) have been working toward rebuilding and reuniting Tha Havenotz.


Tha Havenotz are a group of talented rappers, writers and producers who are concerned about the messages being relayed through today’s rap. Many of these group members are pioneers of rap bringing back the “REAL” issues that affect those who listen to their lyrics.  From politics to social stigmas, Tha Havenotz’ have focused their message on today’s struggles which are similar to the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s. The Black Panther Movement of the 70’s and the Crack and AID’s epidemic of the 80’s.


Most recently in 2004, Tha Havenotz were able to introduce a new genre of Havenotz who continue where the original group left off. The new Havenotz are a fusion of the young and the old. The revamped group consists of the following members: Candyman 187, Shock G, Ray Luv, Money B and Mac Mall. Rappers Storm, Fatal Hussein and Donny Rizzo contribute to several of the tracks. Also featured on the Havenotz CD is E-40, Machadocious, Treach, Immortal Technique, Assassin and others.



WHO:  The Havenotz


WHAT:  Hosting “Tupac Annual Birthday Celebration”, a fundraiser to support families of victims affected by violence. There will be performances ands special presentations.


WHEN:  Thursday, June 16th  (Tupac’s Birthday) Time: TBA



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