Larger Than Life
Hip-Hop News: AllFrumTha i Hold Down The West
Extensive interview with RNN partner about how the Inglewood duo AllFrumTha i.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
4/14/2005 10:39:49 AM

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Inglewood California natives and Westside Connection affiliates AllFrumTha I return with their third and best album to date entitled 'larger than life' due April 19 on Free Agency Recordings.

Comprised of well-known west coast hip-hop rap artists Binky Mac and Squeak Ru, their new album and upcoming projects have caught the eyes and ears of everyone in the hip-hop community.

AllFrumTha I stands for ‘All From Inglewood’ and these are proud Inglewood California residents and strong west coast style rap artist.

In a rare exchange had a chance to speak to both of the members of the group, in separate interviews

Binky Mac is half of the hip-hop rap group AllFrumTha I. This is a good interview and a good update for those who know of AllFrumTha I. It also will introduce you to Binky Mac if you are not aware of who he is.

AllFrumTha I have a great background and this interview may surprise you. The people that Binky Mac has worked with and the thoughts he has on west coast music scene. He shares some interesting thoughts on the direction of west coast hip-hop and the artists who perform it. His insight on the music game shows his years of experience in the game.

You can find a tracklist and cover art for this album 'Larger Than Life' due out April 19th, click here.

Robert - Thanks for taking time for this.

Binky Mac - Oh yea man no problem. It's all good dawg.

Robert - So we can get a feel for where you're from and what kind of place Inglewood is; how would you best describe Inglewood to someone who has never been there?

Binky Mac - Inglewood is a good place. Inglewood is the type of place that is gang affiliated but then you got the city council, the mayor, and all them. They live there. Ya know what I mean. There are beautiful homes in Inglewood and everything. Inglewood is a good place. There's gangs and everything, but for the most part Inglewood is a good city.

Robert - Did you grow up there?

Binky - I grew up here, I was born in Kansas City. I came here when I was real young.

Robert - Did you 'bang' when you were young?

Binky - I gang banged from mainly Jr. High School and High School. And then after that, I was really just like an affiliate because all my homies may have still been banging. I was out there doing my thing, ya know. I was in pop locking groups or singing groups or rap groups ya know what I mean. I was in another group before AllFrumTha I called the 1st Amendment. So I always stayed busy.

Sorta like (DJ) Quik's situation, I remember with Quik's situation he was talking about how the gang banging was around him , he was over there but he was in the house doing music a lot. So it was the same situation, we was running and doing whatever we could to get out there.

Robert - I know Mack 10 got ya'all started in the business but how did you hook up with him and that break come about?

Binky Mac - Mack 10 actually grew up with Squeak. He grew up with Squeak but he ended up being in 1st Amendment with me. In that group there was about 6 of us. And Mack 10 was one of the members in the group, and I was a member in it and there were a couple of other guys.

I remember one day Mack asking me for a track. And I got this thing, even when I was coming up and I was charging ten thousand a track, if somebody would ask me for a track I would never turn them down - I'd give it to them. Cause you never know where that individual will end up at ya know what I mean? Mainly not for that reason but out of love too ya know, so I ended up giving Mack a track. He never actually recorded that track back then cause he was trying to do some solo stuff, so when he actually ended up hooking up with DJ Pooh, and then Pooh introducing him to Cube, and Cube brought him out, he ended up coming back and grabbing us. Me as a producer an

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