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Hip-Hop News: 3rd Annual Malcolm X Consciousness Conference
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Posted by Dave
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4/7/2005 11:49:36 AM

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On April 29th, the 3rd Annual Malcolm X Consciousness Conference will take place at Laney College in Oakland, CA. The 3 day event will bring together student organizers and local activists who will decide and vote on issues most important to the African and Black Student Organizations across the state of California. Topics such as police brutality, education and the state of hip-hop are among the issues being talked about during the 3-day event.
 ?In order to change the conditions in our community we must organize and act,? says Danae Martinez, Conference organizer and one of the Club Knowledge leaders. It is imperative that all colleges are represented in order to organize the community to make effective, long lasting practical change.
 Keynote addresses at the conference will include Chuck D, Yo Yo, Jeff Johnson (also known as ?Cousin Jeff? from Rap City on BET), Fred Hampton Jr., Munyiga Lumumba, and Gail Ortega. Hip-hop, Soul, and Spoken word Performances by artists such as The Coup, Ise Lyfe, The Attic, HAIRDOO, Amir Sulaimon, and Ga brilla.
 Activities and highlights include:
 o A lively Debate: To vote or not to vote
 o True Conscious Hip Hop/Spoken word concert
 o The Children of Malcolm Awards
 o Pan African Fashion Show and dinner
 o The Malcolm X Oratorical Competition




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